Don’t know which bra to wear with that tight cotton dress, funky t-shirt or sheer blouse? Do the cups bulge out in a funny way? Or does the wire cut through the fabric like an ugly addition to your gorgeous outfit?

Fear not, you’ve come to the right place to find the right bra for all these outfits and more.  You see the bra you need is the t-shirt bra, never a very exciting sounding one, and not really the sexiest looking but so comfy and practical if you want to get the lines of your clothes just right.

The T shirt bras we are reviewing today are  created to look invisible underneath your clothes (so look like you are braless). That’s including your tightest tank top. And no, a t-shirt bra isn’t a t-shirt with cups. 

Like any other bra, it has straps, hook and eye closure and cups. The difference is, it moulds the shape of your body and smooths out any rolls, bumps or lumps that might normally appear in tight-fitting outfits. 

Basically, it’s an absolute must-have bra in any underwear draw! 

If you’re too busy to read on, here are our top eight favourite t-shirt bras you can buy right away. 

DOBREVA Women's Push Up Bra Front Fastening Racer Back Plunge Bras Padded...
  • Pushup bra with soft pads creates charming cleavage for every ladies, add 1 cup size immediately.
  • Front fastening bras are easy to put on and take off, adjustable straps fit you well and won't fall down.
DORINA Women's Everyday Bra (Pack of 2)
  • An easy-to-wear t-shirt bra, louise is comfortable and confident. With this pretty combo, choose between sleek burn-out stripes in blue charcoal or the second option in solid blush micro
  • Burn out/micro
Triumph Women's contemporary Soft+Cotton WP Full Coverage Bra, Beige, Size...
  • Package size : 98 L x 2039 H x 128 W (cm)
  • 55 Percent Polyamide, 25 Percent Elastane, 20 Percent Cotton
MISS MOLY Camisole Undershirt 2 in 1 Built-in Bra Ladies Padded Tank Top...
  • Charming Bust Forming--Wrinkle design with different elastic forming level around the bust and built-in Bra Padded;
  • Tank Top + Built-in Bra-- 1cm thick triangle bra and become thin near the edge;4-5cm orifice in the lining for simple dismantling;the 2 in1 design make it so convenient that you can go out comfortably anytime and anywhere without an extra bra;
best t-shirt bra -Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

Guide to Buying the Best T Shirt Bra

Now that we’ve established why you need a t-shirt bra, let’s make sure you know what to look for when you buy one.


When buying t-shirt bras, knowing your correct bra size won’t be enough. For a t shirt bra to look seamless underneath your clothes, it has to embrace your body in a way that follows your every movement throughout the day. 

And since we all have different body types, you’re going to have to try a few models to really get that seamless fit. 

So when you’re trying different tshirt bras on, make sure you move around to catch any unwanted ripples or bumps. Stretch, jump up and down, walk around the room and whatever else you would normally do during the day. And if you sense some looseness or a little deformation in the bra, try another. 

Here are three things to keep in mind when shopping for your bra: 

  • You should be able to slip the straps off and still feel supported by the band. 
  • The band should be parallel to the ground. 
  • The band should feel snug against your torso in the loosest setting.

This might take a bit of time. But don’t be discouraged. It’s worth it. Make sure you know your latest measurements, put some time into finding the right fit, and pretty soon, you’re going to look amazing in all your favourite outfits.


The great thing about the t-shirt bra is that comfort is paramount. You want your t-shirt bras to feel like they’re a part of you. That means comfortable fabric against your skin, smooth cups and band, and nicely fitting straps that don’t create friction on your shoulders. And your boobs should be gently lifted by the cups without any spillage or squashed breasts showing through your top.


Colour is very important when buying your tshirt bra. Nobody wants to see dark outlines underneath a sexy top. Might kill the look you’re going for. My advice is to pick a colour as close to your skin tone as possible. So if you’re on the light side, for instance, pick a nude t shirt bra or a white t shirt bra.

If you do this, it can be worn with everything! And who doesn’t want to cross off another worry off the list? 


As a seamless bra, you probably shouldn’t opt for any flowery designs like lace or embroidery as those will show through your tight outfits. Your best options are smooth materials that are thick enough to flatten any blemishes while designed in such a way that the thickness doesn’t show either.

My advice is to wear the t-shirt bra under your everyday clothes and see how it looks. 


Different types of t-shirt bras

With so many different body types, you can find a variety of t shirt bras out there. For instance, a padded t-shirt bra makes your boobs look a little bigger without looking unnatural.

And if you want more volume in your bust area, you can opt for a push-up padded bra to give you that amazing cleavage you’ve been dreaming about. 

But if you’re looking for something light, you can buy a non wired t shirt bra. This one’s great for smaller-breasted women. You can wear it with everything and still have a naturally perky looking chest.

And for full-busted ladies, I suggest a t-shirt bra with an underwire, a full-coverage, or a full cup t shirt bra. You know, for that extra support. Your boobs will be lifted up and supported. And they’ll look great under your favourite clothes. 

Best T Shirt Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at our eight best t-shirt bra reviews and see how they compare.



A t-shirt bra’s main purpose may be comfort but that shouldn’t limit your choices. This Dobreva Women’s Front Close non wired t shirt bra is sexy, and seamless bra. 

You can wear it under your everyday clothes without it showing, and look great in your underwear. The back lace design gives you a chic and tasteful look. And the middle clasp is very practical. I’m no longer struggling to hook the band with my arms backwards and my chin in the air. 

I love the fact its a racerback bra as well as it just adds to the number of outfits i can wear this under.  And the hint of lace and fact its a plunge t shirt bra just make it date night worthy too!

This t shirt bra doesn’t have an adjustable band though. So make sure you get the right size for this one. 

Iris & Lilly Women's Cotton Demi Bra, Pack of 2, Black, 32B
OVERALL BEST COTTON T SHIRT BRA - Pack of 2 - Sizes: 32 to 38; A, B, C, D, DD cups



If you’re looking for a comfortable seamless bra to wear at work, this one’s for you. The Iris & Lilly Women’s T-Shirt Cotton Bra has a soft fabric, the straps are wide enough not to dig into your shoulders, and overall it’s a great buy for the price.

Users say it fits very well, and they didn’t experience any pocking or bulging. The design on this t-shirt bra is quite plain. But as an everyday seamless bra, it does the job well.

Pour Moi? Women's Opulence T Shirt Non Wired Bra, Black (Black/Pink Black/Pink), (Size:32B)
OVERALL BEST NON WIRED T SHIRT BRA - Sizes: 32 to 38; A, AA, B, C, D, DD cups



With its cute embroidery at the bottom of the cups, this Pour Moi? Non Wired T Shirt Bra will make for a lovely addition to your wardrobe. There is no underwire, so you don’t have to worry about it pinching you or digging into your ribs.

Customers say it fits very nicely. And with its larger straps, this t-shirt bra is light to wear and feels very secure.

But like any bra, do make sure you measure yourself before ordering. And try a few different sizes if necessary so that you can get the most out of this cute seamless non wired t shirt bra. 

Wonderbra Womens T-Shirt Bra A-G Size 30D in Black 17% Polyester 59% Nylon 15% Elastane 9% Cotton Padded Underwired



This Wonderbra Women’s Ultimate Silhouette T-Shirt Bra is great for everyday use. Users with smaller breasts say this t shirt bra was a good fit and very comfortable to wear.

The design is very plain. But with the correct sizing, it provides all the support you need so that you don’t have to worry about your ladies spilling over or leaping out of those cups.

Colour options are a bit limited. But you can buy it in nude, white, or black. So you can easily find a great fit for all your outfits.



If what you need from your bra is proper support, this one will be a great fit for you. The Miss Mary of Sweden Stay Fresh Underwired T-Shirt Bra has large padded shoulder straps and a lot of band coverage on the back and along the band.

Customers say this full cup t shirt bra is very comfortable to wear. And its high quality fabric lets your skin breathe. Users did have trouble closing the bra with the hook and eye closure at the back.

Other than that, customers say this is the best plus sized t-shirt bra as it is very secure and sturdy. And I don’t think your girls are going to be going anywhere while you’re wearing it.

DORINA Women's Everyday Bra (Pack of 2)
OVERALL BEST SATIN T-SHIRT BRA - PACK OF 2 - Sizes 32 to 40; B, C, D cups



With its cute design and satin finish, this DORINA Women’s Louise T-Shirt Bra is perfect for your everyday clothes. The stripy design makes for a sexy retro look. And the push-up effect you get from the cups will make your boobs look naturally perky under your shirt.

Some users say the straps are a little thin. So make sure you get the right fit with this t-shirt bra. An added bonus with this product is that you get a pack of two. A blush and an ivory coloured tshirt bra. This way, you can switch over depending on your outfit.

Triumph Women's contemporary Soft+Cotton WP Full Coverage Bra, Beige, Size 32B
OVERALL BEST TRIUMPH T SHIRT BRA - Sizes: 32 to 46; A, B, C, D, DD, E cups



This Triumph Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra is simple in design without losing its elegant look. It comes in beige, black, and white. And it provides extra support on the side and the back of the band. 

With its lightly padded straps, you don’t have to worry about shoulder straps digging into your skin, and users say it’s very comfortable. Some customers said it was a little too small. So sizing up when buying this t-shirt bra is a good idea.



If you’re not in the mood to wear a bra today, you don’t have to. This MISS MOLY Camisole Undershirt is a t shirt including built-in bra. The built-in cups will keep your nipples from peeping through and saying hi. And according to some customers, it keeps you warm in winter!

Users say the sizes are smaller than usual, so make sure you size up on this one. Customers also mentioned using this t-shirt as an undergarment for a lace top which is a great use of this product.

It’s available in black, beige, and white. And the fabric is soft and stretchy, making it a comfy outfit to wear at home or underneath your cute see-through tops. 

FAQ about T Shirt Bras

What is the difference between a t-shirt bra and a normal bra?

The purpose of a t-shirt bra is to look seamless under tight-fitting clothes. Hence its other name, the seamless bra. While it has a lot in common with a normal bra, like clasp closures, straps, and cups, it is designed specifically to look completely invisible under the tightest clothes. 

For this reason, a tshirt bra won’t have any seams as those will poke through your clothes. And any padding is often overlaid with extra fabric to give it a smooth finish while still giving your girls a nice lift.

What is the best t-shirt bra for full-busted women?

For full-busted women, more fabric means more support from all sides. And a full-coverage, padded, or full cup t shirt bra are the best options. You want a little padding in the cups for your boobs to be lifted and secure all day long. Adjustable straps that are a little wider than usual, and a clasp closure system at the back of the band. 

A great option is this Miss Mary of Sweden Stay Fresh Underwired T-Shirt Bra. It will provide you with all the support and comfort you need.

What are the best t-shirt bras?

Well, it depends on your body type. My favourite is Dobreva’s Front Close Push Up t-shirt Bra because of its beautiful back lace design. I mean, who said a t-shirt bra shouldn’t look sexy, right?

This said, for small busts, a non wired t shirt bra is a lovely choice. It gives you a nice push, and doesn’t feel too heavy on your torso. Another favourite of mine is the plunge-neck t shirt bra. This one can be worn with a cleavage which is very useful on a night out. But in the end, you want good quality material, a great fit, no odd shapes, and a t-shirt bra that isn’t noticeable underneath your clothes.

What is the best non-wired bra?

My favourite non-wired bra is the Pour Moi? Women’s Opulence T Shirt Non Wired Bra because of its lovely lace design at the bottom of the cups. But really, I can wear it with my best tops and not have the ugly cup outlines I usually get in a tight t-shirt. And it feels so comfortable without the wireframe. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have to change my underwear if it happens to be a date night. Which is an added bonus.