Best sleep bra reviews

Sleeping in a bra? Hey, why not. After all, many women get a better night’s sleep because of it. And if you’re wondering whether that’s healthy, let me clarify things for you right now. There is no medical evidence that says it’s not. 

Whether you need a little support at night, have your period, or are breastfeeding, wearing the best sleep bra can keep your breasts firmly in place and alleviate back pain during the day. 

The best sleeping bras are soft, flexible and can absorb that lovely nocturnal moisture (yes boob sweat). But more importantly, they are super comfortable bras. 

So read on to learn more about the best sleep bras and get our buyers guide to buying the best night bras.   However if you’re in a hurry to buy one, check out our top seven supportive sleep bras here: 

DANISH ENDURANCE Women’s Organic Cotton Bralette 3 Pack Black Blue Grey...
  • COMFORTABLE ORGANIC COTTON & LIGHT SUPPORT: This women's bralette is made of high-quality organic cotton that will keep you comfortable all day long, providing you with good coverage. This racerback classic bra has a soft, tag-free elastic band to prevent irritations, and no padding for a natural shape. Discover the matching panties in our brandstore
  • IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY WEAR: This practical racerback bra has a comfortable stretch fit that makes it the perfect everyday bra to wear under your t-shirt, or as a crop top during light workouts. This supportive bralette is available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. For sizing, please refer to the side picture. The fit is tight, in case of doubt please size up
Delimira Women's Maternity Bra Comfort Plus Size Soft Cup Sleep Nursing...
  • Wide straps provide great support and comfort.
  • Adjustable hook-and-eye closure in back allows for a perfect fit.
Best sleep bras uk for comfort and supporting

Guide to Buying the Best Sleep Bra

Your sleeping bra should be so comfy you are reluctant to take it off after a great night’s sleep.  But it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit. Here’s what to look out for.


As always, the number one rule to buying a new bra is finding one that fits you properly! I can’t emphasize this point enough.  However, when it comes to choosing the perfect sleeping bra, it’s even more important to get the right size. 

This is due to all that sweating you’ll be doing while you sleep. And if your bra is too tight, it could cut circulation to your back muscles and chest area. So if you haven’t had a bra fitting in a year, grab your keys and head over to your nearest lingerie shop. Or if you just want to buy your bra online you can learn how to measure yourself for a bra at home in this short blog.

When buying your sleeping bras, avoid tight bands and materials that will dig into you or leave skin marks. It should feel loose while still providing a little support. Usually, your regular bra size is just right for a night bra.


A sleeping bra is a game-changer for a lot of women. Particularly for those with larger breasts. So it’s important to get the most comfortable one possible. 

To do this, look for a soft fabric with a flexible band. There shouldn’t be any underwire, hard cups, tags inside the bra, or clasps at the back as this will create friction. It should also feel very light on your skin so that you don’t hyperventilate under your pyjama top. 


When it comes to material, a cotton sleep bra is the best choice. It’s breathable, light to wear, and very cosy. But whatever you do, make sure the fabric can absorb moisture while you sleep. Otherwise, you might wake up looking like a drowned rat.

Also, you should avoid wearing lace and other flowery designs as this could create a rash on your skin or at the very least a crazy pattern.

Types of sleeping bras

To meet every woman’s needs, sleeping bras come in various shapes and sizes. Whether that’s a nursing sleep  bra with folded wings to make breastfeeding more practical.  Other maternity sleep bras come with  lightly padded cups for a little more support. 

But there are many more types of sleeping bras to choose from. For instance, if you have smaller breasts, a nice triangular bralette is perfect or try a sleep bra vest instead.

For ladies with larger boobs there are plus sized sleeping bras for DD+ and these often come with larger bands to offer that additional comfort and support whilst we sleep. 

Some supportive sleeping bras will have an elastic band, while others are completely seamless and wire-free. And if you want to make sure your skin is able to breathe at night, you can opt for a night bra with extra cotton, as well as an anti-perspiration fabric that directs the moisture away from your body while you sleep. 

But in the end, it all depends on how the bra feels and what your personal preferences are.

Best Sleep Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at our top seven UK sleep bras and see how they compare. 



This FEOYA sleeping bra moulds your body in such a way that you forget you’re even wearing it. With a high-quality fabric and smooth finish, this sleep bra doesn’t pinch you or make your skin bulge. You can remove the padding around the cup area before you put it in the wash or go to sleep. 

The thick straps give you a lot of support, and customers say the material is very comfortable to wear. In fact, many say they keep it on throughout the day. 

The colour options on this bra are also beautiful. Their silky texture makes for an elegant look in bed. My personal favourite is the navy blue but it also comes in a nice beige, black, and grey.

A few customers have reported some slip-ups. So make sure you pick the correct size. Users say that it can be tricky to get the right size, as some models are a bit small. So consider sizing up for this supportive sleep bra.



This WOWENY wireless sleep bra has built-in cups that are soft enough to sleep in. So if you feel more secure with the padding, this sleeping bra’s a good pick. The straps aren’t adjustable so some users have had to shorten them a bit. 

Many customers said this night bra was great for keeping everything in place. The thick straps and stretchy band give the extra support you might need. However, sizing might be a bit tricky for larger breasts. So consider opting for a higher cup size when ordering this model. 

Users say the cups flattened the bust area, while others say it gives them a bit of a lift and a nice natural shape. So make sure you get the appropriate size. 

And before you buy this product, make sure you feel comfortable sleeping with built-in cups. Some customers prefer sleeping without padding as they might feel a little awkward at night. 



If you’re a new mum, then you probably need to feed your baby while half asleep or sleep-deprived. In which case, this bra might just be the one for you. With its v-shaped flaps, this KUCI nursing sleep bra gives you easy access during breastfeeding without having to undo any clips or take anything off.

And not only is it practical for nursing at three in the morning, it’s also comfortable enough to sleep in. 

With 95% cotton and just 5% elastane, users say this material doesn’t dig into their skin. The stretchy material allows your breasts to grow as you go through your nursing months, making it a great choice if you don’t want to buy three different sizes. 

Customers have said that this bra doesn’t offer much support for larger breasts. So keep this in mind when making your purchase if you are looking for a Sleep Bra DD+. 

All Woman Plus Size Pull-Over Seamless Bra Sizes Up to 56E



This plus-size pull-over sleep bra is a great choice if you just want a comfy alternative to annoying clasps and tight bands. Users say this sleeping bra is comfortable to wear. And it doesn’t roll up or shift in every direction. 

Some customers have said that the synthetic material makes you sweat around the band and chest. However, the high back does relieve a lot of back pain as well as breast pain without being too restrictive. 

All in all, this bra has been very well received by its users. It’s a great option for full-busted women who don’t want to be suffocated by regular bras anymore.   Here I speak from experience as i wear these loads in the summer under tops as an everyday bra too!



This Danish Endurance Sleeping Bra vest is made with organic cotton, making the fabric soft, breathable, and very comfortable. And it doesn’t have any irritating labels or padding. 

They do advise you to size up with this one, as your regular bra size might be a little tight. And users have said the band is a little restrictive. That said, this cotton sleep bra keeps your boobs stable, and unlike synthetic materials, it doesn’t cause you to sweat which makes it a great buy for those muggy summer months.

However, a few users thought the straps were a little too long for their liking. 

Sloggi Women's Zero Feel Non-Wired Bralette Pink



If you don’t want to trade a boob lift for comfort, this Sloggi sleep bra is a great choice. With its padded cups, this night bra gives you a lovely shape as well as a little support. 

The fabric is perfect for sleeping. And if you can’t sleep with padded cups, you can easily remove them for the night. You don’t have to wash this one by hand either. Just throw it in the wash and you’re done. 

Now for the downsides. This bra might not be suitable for larger breasts, as the cups tend to feel a bit too small. And be sure to try out a few sizes, as some customers say that the straps can be a little long.

See all our most recommended and best Sloggi Bras here and get our in depth sloggi bra buyers guide too..



Dont let this bras name put you off if you are a fuller breasted lady looking for a plus sized sleeping bra…This Delimira Maternity Nursing bra is perfect for full-busted ladies. The straps are thick enough to give you the support you need. And with its soft fabric, you can sleep peacefully while keeping your girls apart. 

Another great feature is its stretchy fabric. With the hook and eye at the back of the band, you can adjust accordingly and feel secure without any wire digging into your ribs. 

That said, a few customers would have preferred a little more support for moving around the house. So consider keeping this one for sleeping or lounging purposes only. 

FAQ about Sleep Bras

What is a good bra to sleep in?

Your best option is a soft, stretchy fabric that lets your skin breathe. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. And there shouldn’t be any annoying labels or stitches bothering you.   

My personal favourite is FEOYA Women’s Yoga Seamless Bras. It’s so comfortable I wear it around the house as well. But really, it depends on what you need from your bra. If you need a bit of support, some soft padding is really good. For breastfeeding, a lovely cotton nursing bra should do the trick as a pregnancy bra too. 

As for where to buy them I find Amazon sleep bras are just as good as any M & S Sleep bras these days.

What is the best sleep bra for large busts?

For larger busts, I recommend you try a full-coverage bra. The extra fabric gives more support and keeps your girls from moving around at night. 

Consider a plus sized sleeping bra with adjustable straps as well. Many bras provide straps that can be adjusted without it digging into your shoulders while you sleep. This might keep your boobs from sinking down and pulling the back band up. 

Is sleeping with a bra good or bad?

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping with a bra isn’t bad for you. It’s simply a question of feeling comfortable at night. Many women with larger breasts need that support while they sleep to avoid back pain, as could be the case if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. 

However, it doesn’t keep your boobs from sagging, nor does it give you cancer. So if you feel like wearing one, as long as you make sure it fits properly, go for it! 

Should you sleep in a maternity bra?

There are many maternity bras out there you can sleep in. In fact, they are built specifically for pregnant women so that they can be used post-delivery as well. The fabric tends to be stretchy and breathable so that you can grow into them while you nurse your baby. A great option is this KUCI Nursing Tank Sleep Bra. It’s 95% cotton and very comfortable to wear throughout your pregnancy.