Best loungewear - velour loungewear, silk pyjamas, lounge suits & more

Womens loungewear is fast growing into a major love of women worldwide with covid playing no small part in us all embracing lounge lizard life (whilst looking HOT). At The Right Bra we have taken this covid break to trial the best loungewear we could find from silk pyjamas to cashmere loungewear and every lounge pant and jogger in between!

When we talk about the best loungewear we aren’t talking leisurewear or sports wear anymore but a very distinct look of clothing. Loungewear is designed to be sexy whilst offering comfort,style and being well dressed enough to pop to Waitrose without needing to change from your velour lounge wear.

Until we finish the insanely fun job of trialing all our lounge pants, lounge suits and comfy pjs you can work in please click here for the best loungewear.

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