7 of the best Non Wired Bras

Sick of your underwire bra poking you all the time? Well, today’s your lucky day. In this article, we are reviewing the best options for non wired bras in the UK.

As you might have guessed, a non wired bra, or otherwise called a wireless bra, wire free bra or comfort bra, is a bra without a wire lining the cups or the band.  You might think no wires means no lift but you would be wrong, you can get a great silhouette under your clothes with a non underwired bra.

Yes, I know (phew!) what a relief for some of us, right? Like many of you I’m sure, a wireless alternative is a great way to go about your day comfortably while still keeping the girls from jumping out in every direction. Whether you’re chilling on holiday, having a lazy day or like to wear a sleep bra at night, a wire free bra is often a favourite pick. Particularly if you happen to be expecting, are breastfeeding or have gone through surgery. 

That said, many women wear soft bras all the time. And when it comes to health, well, as long as you feel comfortable in your bra, then you’ll be just fine. 

And remember, big or small, a wireless bra is suitable for every breast size. Yes, it doesn’t provide as much support as a wired bra. But if you pick the right type of non wired bra, you can still find a great fitting option for your particular breast shape. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top seven favourite non wired bras you can buy right now.

Photo by Monnivhoir Aymar Kouamé from Pexels

Guide to Buying the Best Non Wired Bra

Ok, so you’re thinking about getting a comfort bra. Well, luckily your usual bra size generally fits just fine with a wireless bra. But let’s take a look at our quick guide to buying a non wired bra.


When buying your wireless bra, there are a few things you want to look out for. First, you want the band to sit flat on your torso without it overlapping on your breast tissue. The band should be tight enough to feel secure without it stifling you. 

A good trick when trying a bra on is to put two fingers at the back of your band. You should have enough room between your band and your spine without it suffocating you. 

Second, you want the cup area to envelop your breasts fully. And third, you want to adjust the bra straps so that they don’t slip or dig into your shoulders. 

But as always, if you haven’t measured yourself in six months (it goes by quickly I know) then you should really get a new bra fitting. You know, make sure this new non wired bra makes you feel so comfortable, it’s like two soft clouds holding your boobs up.


This is the best perk of comfortable bras. Comfort. Now, getting the perfect fit is a great start to feeling great in your wireless bra. But there are other important aspects to keep in mind. 

Although comfort does depend heavily on your breast shape (which we’ll talk about shortly), you want to pick a soft and flexible fabric, wide shoulder straps that feel good against your skin, and keep an eye on those stitches! Some of them will show on the inside of your bra. And you don’t want them to irritate your skin or rub when you are wearing your bra.


As I mentioned above, the material you should look for in a non wired bra is soft, stretchy, and non-abrasive. Most wire free bras will be made with synthetic fabrics like polyamide, elastane, and polyester. Or a non-synthetic fibre like cotton. 

Often, you’ll have a blend of different materials for each section of your wire free bra. But as long as it feels good when you wear it, that’s all you should really worry about. 

Types of Non Wired Bras

When buying any type of bra, it’s important to be aware of your particular breast shape. Nowadays, there are many types of wire free bras. So you want to make sure you buy the right one.

For instance, ladies with asymmetric and athletic boobs might want to opt for a non wired t-shirt bra. And you can get a variety of sexy and uplifting t-shirt bras that look great with or without clothes. Whereas a balconette bra is just perfect for bell-shaped or relaxed boobs. Particularly if you prefer a bit of cleavage. 

But as I’ve said before, wireless bras aren’t exclusive to small and medium-sized breasts. You can find great support bras as a fuller breasted woman. And we’ve got a ton of options for you below. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Best Non Wired Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my 7 favourite non wired bras and see how they compare.

Prima Donna - Couture Soft Wireless Bra, Black, 34 D
OVERALL BEST NON WIRED BRA - Sizes: 34 to 44; C, D, E, F cups



If you’re not in the mood to trade elegant chic for comfort, this wire free bra’s for you. Prima Donna’s Couture Wireless Bra was designed in Belgium and can be moved to the luxury lingerie section of your wardrobe. It’s aesthetically pleasing, tasteful, and makes you feel supported and comfy. Truthfully, I can’t think of a better wirefree bra option. 

This non wired bra comes in black and nude, which will match any outfit. And its alluring “haute-couture” design highlights your bust with a wonderful cleavage. You do have to handwash this one, but it’s worth it. 

Customers with larger breasts love this model. It provides support and looks amazing. Some customers have said it is a little smaller than their usual size, so make sure you measure yourself before buying this one. And maybe opt for a few sizes bigger. 



There’s just nothing better than a soft and cushiony bra to wear under your clothes. And this Susa Non-Wired Cotton Bra is perfect for larger-breasted ladies. Or even as an alternative to a nursing bra. The fabric is breathable, 100% cotton, and stretchy. 

The full cups encompass your breasts in a way that keeps them apart and secure (giving a great perky silhouette). The thick straps are adjustable, so finding a good fit is very easy with these comfy bras. And, of course, you get two sets of cotton bras. One white and one beige to match your favourite outfits. 

The design is quite simple, but believe me, the soft cotton fabric makes it worthwhile. And your girls will be sitting tight without being squished, poked or scratched with unwanted pieces of fabric or wires.



As far as pull on bras go, Maidenform’s Longline Bralette Bra is a lovely lightweight option for your nights out. The embroidery fits nicely around your torso, and the cups fit perfectly over your breasts. 

And there aren’t any annoying clasps at the back either. So sitting on a plastic chair might be comfortable for once (ever had that dig in feeling ?)! Instead, you can just pull it over your head and adjust the shoulder straps accordingly. 

Users say this bralette bra is much smaller than regular sizes, so make sure you size up for this one. But if you need a lot of support, this non padded bra might not be the most suitable as some customers say the cups don’t feel very secure for fuller breasts.



If you have a hard time finding wireless bras that actually support you, this one’s for you. ANITA’s Mylena Angelskin Pink Non-Wired Bra has thick embroidered shoulder straps for extra support. The fabric around the band and along the side is very sturdy without being uncomfortable. 

The design is quite simple, and the colour options are limited (black or white I believe), but with the secure clasp at the back of the band, this full cup bra won’t be hard to adjust. It’s the perfect non wired bra for larger breasted ladies. And the stitches around the cups keep your breasts separated while keeping them in place.

You do have to wash this support bra by hand. But if it means a long-lasting bra, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

Delimira Women's Non Wired Comfort Plus Size Full Cup Non Padded Cotton Bra Beige 36B
OVERALL BEST NON WIRED BRA FOR LARGE BUSTS - Sizes: 36 to 52: B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H cups



This is another non wired bra for plus sized ladies. Except this time, you’ve got an array of colours to choose from! This Delimira Plus Size Wire-Free Cotton Bra gives you all the support you need in a non underwired bra. And its breathable cotton fabric makes it a skin-friendly choice. Your skin will thank you!

Users say their rashes have disappeared after switching to these non padded bras. And according to a full busted customer, it gives you a nice cleavage with low cut tops. 

Users say it’s so comfortable they don’t know it’s on. Which makes it a great lounge bra. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the hooks at the back are very easy to undo. All in all, customers are very happy with this product. 

However, some users say this wire free bra doesn’t give much shape to the bust. And the sizes might be smaller than your regular fit. So consider going up a size with this one. Or try a few before making your final purchase.

Miss Mary of Sweden Cotton Lace Women's Front-Closure Non-Wired Bra Gift for her, Gift for Women
OVERALL BEST COTTON NON WIRED BRAS - Sizes: 36 to 48; B, C, D, DD, E, F cups



This Miss Mary of Sweden Cotton Lace Non-Wired Bra is a lovely choice for full-busted women. With its breathable cotton fabric and front closure clasps, this is one of the best comfort bras you can find. And the front closure makes it a practical choice. 

The lace finish on either side of the chest area is very elegantly done, and the padded shoulder straps are thick enough not to slip. Users also enjoyed its feminine appearance, and say it is very comfortable to wear. 

That said, the sizes are smaller than your regular fit, so consider sizing up with this ladies bra. 

Triumph Women's Modern Finesse N Wireless Bra



This Triumph Modern Finesse Wireless Bra gives you a very chic look without being too showy. And the cups are stitched in a way that gives your breasts a nice lift while staying secure. 

Users say that as far as Triumph bras go, this non underwired padded bra is a perfect fit. And they loved the elegant design too. The shoulder straps are thick enough not to dig into your shoulders, and you can throw it in the washing machine without having to worry. 

This wireless bra is available in beige, black, and white. So it’s easy to match with any outfit. Overall, users were very happy with their comfy bras. However, some customers say the top half of the cup is see-through. So if you need more modesty but love this Triumph Wire Free bra look for some nipple flowers here.

FAQ about Non Wired Bras

What bras are good for big busts?

Today, full-busted women have an array of choice when it comes to bra styles. Whether that’s with or without an underwire. And as long as you look for thicker straps, and extra fabric around the band and the side, you should feel very secure.

Good options are full-coverage bras, balcony bras, or full-frontal bras. And if you want to go wire free, the Delimira Wire-Free Cotton Bra is a great pick. 

Is it bad for your health to wear a non-wired bra?

Non wired bras aren’t bad for your health. In fact, they can be very useful for women who’ve been through chest or breast surgery. And as long as you get the right fit, a wireless bra will give you the support you need.

That said, some full-busted women find a wireframe helpful when it comes to alleviating back pain and other support-related discomfort.

Should I wear wired or non wired bras?

Many women love wearing wire free bras because it’s a lot more comfortable than regular bras. And the fabric tends to be very soft on your skin as well. But really, it depends on what you need and prefer.

A non wired bra doesn’t provide the same kind of support as regular bras. However, the band on a wireless bra is built specifically to keep your breasts supported.

What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

A Bralette tends to be wireless, made with a lighter fabric and less structure. In fact, a bralette looks a lot like a mini tank top. And you’ve probably noticed them more and more as many women wear them as tops along with high waist jeans.

Fashion trends aside, a bralette bra tends to be more simple in design but very comfortable to wear. My personal favourite is this Maidenform Women’s Lace Bralette. While the fabric is soft and lightweight, the lace design is also very attractive.