The Best Bras - Freedom bra, sleep bra, sloggi bra, wonder bra

Boost your confidence with the Best Bras – we offer a huge selection of AA-K cup bras. Find the best t shirt bras to strapless bras, multi-way bras or backless bras to sports, shock absorber and nursing bras, We have the right bra to fit you and the right style for every outfit or occasion.

Buying the Best Bras

The goal when wearing a bra should always be to forget you are wearing it says Ra’el Cohen, chief creative officer of ThirdLove.

That means buying the right bra size, the right bra for the purpose and the right style for your shape of boobs!

80% of women don’t know there true bra size! Learn how to check for your right bra size here. Always keep a tape measure on you to be sure your buying right (no tape measure use a string or ribbon and measure on a ruler).

When you are buying a bra you want to choose one to fit the purpose, the right bra for the job! Take it from me, the woman who used to try running at the gym in a wonderbra…(pre husband times!). There is plenty of helpful articles on boobs, finding the right bras and more in our uplift blog.

Not all boobs are made the same or even equal (yes most of us have one booby bigger than the other). Some breasts are small and firm and dont need great support, whereas the fuller breast requires a bra with a larger band to give greater lift. Whatever your shape and size of breasts we have taken the time to find the best bras for you. There is plenty of helpful articles on boobs, finding the right bras and more in our uplift blog.

For now follow the quick links below to our bra review pages which included buyers guides for each bra type.

Best Backless Bra

Best Balcony Bra

Best Freedom Bra (Stick on Bra)

Best T Shirt Bras

Best Nursing Bra

Best Sloggi Bra

Best Sports Bra

Best Strapless Bra

Best Teen Bra

Best Bra Extenders

Best Wonder Bra

Fun Bra Facts

  • 9 bras: The average number a woman owns
  • 37% of women buy a bra without trying it on
  • 36DD: The average UK woman’s bra size, up from a 36C five years ago
  • 9.5 million women exercise without wearing a sports bra – ohh thats some black eyes!
  • 27% of women have decided against buying clothes if they don’t have the appropriate bra to wear underneath
Bra FAQs

Q: My bra gives me back fat — it’s too tight, right?

A: No, totally the opposite: you will find the band is too loose and is riding up. This causes ripples in the fleshiest parts of your back. To stop this get a smaller, tighter band, which will hit lower and eliminate bulge.

Q: Are expensive bras really worth the money?

A: Seriously YES:…this is your foundation garment, it underpins your whole look and even the cheapest clothing can look fab with the right underwear on.

Sure it’s an investment, but a high-end bra with quality construction and materials is transformative (you’ll appear 3kgs slimmer) and change-your-life comfy!

Q: I hate underwire. Why is it so painful?

A: Very likely the bra is in the wrong size, so it’s not the underwire. You can easily have the right bra if you position it correctly, the wire should cradle the breasts without pinching, pulling, or poking.

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