Are you ready to rock that cocktail dress you’ve been waiting to wear all winter?  Or your off the shoulder wedding dress after months of waiting for the big day? Then the strapless bra is just what you need. 

And there aren’t any slip-ups, pinching or ugly straps included in that equation. A strapless bra that fits you properly allows you to wear stylish clothes without your bra poking out in unwanted places.

And since many of us don’t fancy going braless, the strapless bra gives you the same comfort and support you’d get from a regular bra minus the discomfort and wardrobe limitations. In other words, you get the best of both worlds. Awesome right? 

But what’s the difference between a strapless bra and a freedom bra? While a freedom bra (also called an invisible bra) is a type of strapless bra, it only covers your breast tissue area. Whereas other strapless bras have a band underneath the cups so you get more support (great for bigger busts). 

If you’re short on time, here are our top seven strapless bras you can buy now:

Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra
  • Full microfiber with bagged out finishings for a smooth look
  • Both cups are gathered together and sewn in the middle for a one-piece look
Delimira Women's Strapless Bras Underwire Non Padded Bandeau Seamless...
  • Minimizer and smooth fabric for a less bulky shape
  • Underwire provides great support
Delimira Women's Strapless Bras Underwire Support Non Padded Minimiser Bra
  • Underwire desgin provide a gentle support to large bust
  • Anti-slip silicone strips at top and bottom of bra bring good stability
DOBREVA Women's Strapless Plus Size Underwire Lace Unlinded Balconette Bra
  • SEXY SHEER BANDEAU BRAS: Non padded balcony cups naturally shows your sexy curves
  • STAY-PUT STRAPLESS BRA: Grippy material along the cups and special elastic fabric on the side wings ensure it to stay in place frimly
WingsLove Women’s Strapless Bra Full Coverage Underwire Multiway Plus...
  • Multiway bra comes with detachable straps, convert into several wearing ways like strapless, halter, crisscross or one-shoulder,Best choice for wedding,prom,gathering,red carpet and etc.
  • Underwire and lightly-padded cups combine provide ultra support for increased stability and shaped natural bust.
YouGa Silicone Pasties Breast Lift - Invisible Bra Breast Petals, Silicone...
  • 💕Please Attention: To maintain the tackiness, please clean the skin before use.Do not use on wounded skin. If you feel any discomfort during use, please stop using it. If you have sensitive skin, please buy with caution.
  • 💕LIGHT WEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Just paste our Nipple Covers on the delicate parts of the breast to make you get rid of the bra, give you the maximum freedom.

Guide to Buying the Best Strapless Bra

Now that we’ve covered why you should get a strapless bra, let’s make sure you find one that is a perfect fit for you. Here’s what I look for when I’m shopping around for the best strapless bra: 


Strapless bras are built to support you and keep your bust lifted. Without the straps, the band ends up doing all the work. So you want to focus most of your attention on the band. 

To do this, hook the grip on the loosest setting when you try it on. The band should feel snug against your torso without digging into your breast tissue.  why on the loosest setting first? Well as your bra stretches with wear you will need to reduce its size down with the other hooks! 

When buying a strapless bras, you will likely need to go down at least one band size (but bear in mind that can mean going up a cup!). Wearing a size smaller bra than you would normally will compensate for losing the support you’d get from bra straps.

My advice is to start with your regular size and try a few until you find one that gives you the support you need. Just remember that it should be comfortable, not oppressive. And don’t remove the labels until you’ve found the one! 


When buying a strapless bra, I always look for a model that has at least three hooks on the back. 

This gives me some leeway depending on the time of the month. As I mentioned above, your strapless bra should be snug and comfortable in the loosest setting. 

Like all bras, this new addition to your wardrobe is going to wear out and loosen over time. But with a few hooks on the back and a good fit to start with, you can tighten it accordingly.

Proper sizing

Because most of your support now comes from the band, it’s even more important that you buy a bra that fits properly. 

The right size cup and a tight band are essential to buying the right strapless bra. Many women need to size down with the band and size up with the cups. 

But really, keep trying different styled strapless bras until the band is snug and the cups support your breasts nicely.


When shopping around for your bra, keep in mind what you’ll be wearing. A light fabric will reveal the black strapless bra you’re wearing underneath. That’s a no no as far as we’re concerned.

And while black is a safe go-to colour for most bra purchases, nude strapless bra might be a better choice as it blends with almost everything.  Another staple for the lingerie draw would be a white strapless bra – perhaps look for a different model like a white non push up strapless bra. 


For strapless bras, many women like to have silicone padding inside the cups or inside the band for extra grip. This is particularly true for full-busted women who might worry about spillage. If this is you, consider an underwire strapless bra.

Types of Strapless Bras

With strapless bras, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. And depending on your size, body shape, and wardrobe requirements, there’s a model for every occasion! 

For example, if you’re planning on wearing a v-shaped top, a plunge strapless bra will fit perfectly without being noticed.

On the other hand, a bandeau bra is great for extra comfort while wearing your sleeveless summer clothes. 

Best Strapless Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at our top seven strapless bras and see how they compare.

Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra
OVERALL BEST STRAPLESS BRA - Sizes: 30 to 38; A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF cups



If you’ve been struggling to find a strapless bra in which your ‘ladies’ feel supported, the Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra is what you’ve been looking for. 

The cups are lined with silicone for extra grip and are reinforced to give you that natural lift every woman needs. And the best part is, it doesn’t slip. Whether you’re an F cup or a B cup, this bra stays put all day.

When it comes to comfort, our customers have been delighted with this one. The inside of the cups feel like ‘two hands holding your boobs up’ many reviewers have told us. Paired with a nice smooth finish, it not only looks great under your clothes, but it feels great too. 

Although the design here is quite simple, it still offers an elegant look with a smooth, velvety texture. So this really isn’t a bad choice if you’re going on a date. 

Some customers do advise you to try a few sizes before finding one that fits perfectly, as you might need to size up a cup. 

Best strapless bra for feeling fully supported and wearing under sheer clothes.

Delimira Women's Strapless Bras Underwire Non Padded Bandeau Seamless Minimizer Bra



This Delimira Minimizer Strapless Bra can be a life-saver for full-busted women. The smooth cups fit underneath your clothes undetected without enhancing your breast shape.

And although it isn’t the sexiest design you’ve ever seen, comfort might just outweigh aesthetics this time. Customers say it is so comfortable they forget they are wearing it. 

That said, some users were uncomfortable with their nipples showing through the thin fabric. To solve this issue, you can always add some padding inside the cups or try some nipple flowers.

Best strapless bra for those looking to minimise their bust whilst adding shape.

Delimira Women's Strapless Bras Underwire Support Non Padded Minimiser Bra



This Delimira Strapless Bra is great for full-busted women. The fabric is soft to wear and the underwire is sturdy, giving you gentle support without being too cumbersome. 

And with this one, you don’t have to put it back in place every half an hour. Because of its anti-slip silicone strips, users say this strapless bra for bigger busts is very stable throughout the day. 

Now for the downsides. Although some users say this model is true to size, others have found that their regular size was too small and had to size up. Customers also say that cups themselves don’t give much shape to your bust. 

So consider sizing up for this model, and possibly trying a few before making the final purchase. 

Best strapless bra for big boobed women who want great support but don’t want to minimise their assets!

DOBREVA Women's Strapless Plus Size Underwire Lace Unlinded Balconette Bra



This Dobreva Balconette Strapless Bra is a lovely addition to your wardrobe. This design brings femininity and comfort into one. And with its removable straps, you can adjust this bra to any outfit. 

With multiple colours to choose from, this model is very comfortable to wear due to its soft lace finish. And it stays in place. The underwire and side boning are thick and sturdy, giving you all the support you need. And customers say they feel very secure in this bra.

That said, users have said that this push up strapless bra runs a lot smaller than other models. So consider opting for a size or so bigger. As for the straps, some customers have found that they had difficulty adjusting them. 

Other than that, this item sounds like the perfect night out, doesn’t it? My personal favourites are the mustard and green ones. So if you want to spice up your evening with a splash of colour, I think this one is a good choice.

Best strapless bra for some uplift and va va vroom!  Could be a pleasure for the bedroom as well…

WingsLove Women’s Strapless Bra Full Coverage Underwire Multiway Plus Size Contour Comfort Bra



This WingsLove Women’s Strapless Bra has phenomenal reviews. This item is extremely stable due to its sturdy underwire. And with silicone strips in the cups, on the sides and along the band, this baby isn’t moving an inch.  

This bra is also very comfortable to wear due to its lovely soft fabric. It’s not abrasive, doesn’t leave marks or rashes on your skin, and users say it’s a great fit. 

And if you’re in the mood for an amazing cleavage, this padded strapless bra is for you. Customers say this bra gives you a lovely figure, without bulging out or looking unnatural. 

With the detachable straps, you can make this a multiway bra, crisscrossed, or one-shouldered bra. And pretty much any setting your outfit requires. 

This uplifting supportive strapless bra comes in black, beige, and white. 

And the only downside I can find to this product is its limited colour options, as well as its simple design. 

Best bra for full coverage so you get no spillage if off dancing or somewhere you need to stay modest!



This Silicone Pasties Breast Lift Backless Strapless Bra has a drawstring between the two petals. This enables you to adjust your cleavage however you want and creates a nice little push. It’s a great product if you’re unable to wear a bra because of an injury, or need to show some skin in a stylish cocktail dress.

According to users, it provides great support, gives you a nice lift, and stays in place for most of the day. 

As this is a product worn mostly in the summer, some customers have said that sweating has made the pasties shift a little. To remedy this, try not to put any beauty products, cream, perfume, or talc in your chest area. As this will interfere with the pasties’ ability to stick to your skin.

And if you need to take the pasties of the invisible bra off to clean them, use a towel instead of tissue or toilet paper, as these might stick to the pastie. 

Best strapless bra for those of you who really need no strap marks in really low back dresses, or those wanting to wear a side boob dress!



If you’re planning on wearing a backless dress or a low cleavage, this stick on strapless bra from Nidor is the perfect low back strapless bra. This item is made with skin-friendly silicone and soft, non-abrasive material. Users say it’s very comfortable to wear and gives the girls a lot of support. You’ll have to wash this one by hand. But it’s easy to clean. 

Customers say they feel secure wearing this bra, as it is very sticky and doesn’t slip. However, when wearing any strapless bra, you should clean your chest area before use to get the most out of the bra’s grip. That said, some customers found that the bra lost its stickiness after just a few washes. 

If you’re worried about your nipples showing through your clothes, this bra comes with nipple coverings that you can slide inside the cups. Customers say they were able to wear this model in winter without any problems.

Best strapless bra for very low cleavage tops where you need some push up and cleavage!

FAQ about Strapless Bras

Which type of bra is best for a heavy bust?

For full-busted women, a longline strapless bra is a great choice. With the extra fabric around the band, this bra gives you a lot more support. As well as some extra boning to keep everything in place. 

I also recommend purchasing a bra with lined cups and a wide elastic band. This will make you feel more secure throughout the day. 

And as always, the best thing to do when purchasing a new bra is to get a professional fitting. If that isn’t an option, you can measure yourself at home.

Are strapless bras supportive?

Since the band is responsible for most of the support you get from a bra, going strapless doesn’t make much of a difference. In fact, when choosing a regular bra, you should wear it without the straps to check whether it’s a good fit or not. 

However, it is true that strapless bras got a bad rep in the past. And that’s understandable. But nowadays, strapless bras are made so that the band is a little thicker. 

As for the models without bands, an anti-slip silicone grip generally lines the inside of the cups, making the bra very secure and supportive.

Should you go down a size in a strapless bra?

When purchasing a strapless bra, keep in mind that sizing will be different. Because the band provides all the support, you’ll tend to opt for a tighter band while making sure it’s still comfortable. 

The best way to find the right-sized strapless bra is to try a few before making the final purchase. And if you can, get fitted specifically for a strapless bra. 

Why do Strapless bras fall down?

There are a few reasons why your strapless bra might be falling down. Your band is either too loose, in which case it won’t hold your boobs up and slip, too narrow to support your breasts, in which case you need a wider band, or worn out, which means a new bra is in order.