Best Sports Bra

Finding the best sports bra for your lifestyle is an essential! They’re not only important for providing the right support when exercising, many sports bras are also very comfortable for everyday wear!

Don’t think that sports bras need to be purely functional, or unattractive either – there are some gorgeous options out there, and fun and funky models that you’ll want to show off too!

Getting the Right Support

Your boobs are one of the least naturally supported areas of your body – there’s only the ligaments (called Cooper’s ligaments) and skin offering support. This is why it’s so important to have a well fitting bra, and to use a sports bra for exercise (particularly for cardio like running).

It’s all about finding the right blend of style, comfort and impact level to suit your needs when it comes to sports underwear. 

So which is the best sports bra for you? Let’s find out!

In a hurry? Here are (in our opinion) some of the best sports bras you can buy right now:

adidas Women's Stronger Soft Sports Bra Black
  • High-support sports bra with convertible straps and a mesh lining to keep you locked in
  • High support has molded cups with soft comfort and an adjustable fit
  • Scoop neck for comfort
  • Mesh lining provides breathability
  • Convertible, adjustable straps for a personalized fit
NIKE Women Indy Bra - Black/Black/Black/White, Medium
  • Sport type: Ropa deportiva atlética
  • Perforations at the front
  • Dry-Fit technology
  • Racer back design
  • Removable pads
NIKE Med Non Pad Bra Sports Bra - Black/(White), M
  • Care instructions: Machine wash
  • Medium support
  • Dry-fit Technology
  • Crossover design of the straps
Booband Boobuddy Breasts Support Sport Band for Women - Sports Bra...
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT FOR EXERCISING - Whilst wearing the Boobuddy band you will experience greater reduction in vertical and lateral movement compared to sport bras. This is the ideal solution for all low, medium and high impact activities. Can be worn with or without a sports bra (or regular bra). Benefit from a new level of confidence.
  • ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE - Prevents movement, injury, ligament damage, pain and sagging, and improves posture. The adjustable velcro supports breasts of various sizes and can be worn over or under your sports bra.

Guide to Buying the Best Sports Bra

There are a few things to bear in mind when you’re looking for the best sports bra for yourself. Here are our tips…


The most important thing about a sports bra is how much support it gives you. Of course this depends on the type of exercise you’ll be doing when you wear it too.

If you have a larger bust it’s likely you’ll need to go for a more structured, high support sports bra. They’re not as pretty as some of the sports bra/crop top hybrid versions but your boobs will thank you for going for something a little sturdier! 

You could try a Shock Absorber Sports Bra – they’re great for keeping bigger busts in check!

Pay attention to the straps. Wider straps give you more support and can prevent pressure on your shoulders and back. Unless you have a small bust you will benefit from the flexibility of adjustable straps too.

Seamless or Non-Seamless

Many sports bras are designed to be seen – they look great paired with leggings or yoga pants. However if you like a bit of extra coverage and will be wearing a T-shirt or vest on top then you might want to consider a seamless bra for a smoother look.

Think about the straps too – if you want to wear your bra under a racer-back top for example, crossover straps may be best. However many women don’t mind their bra outline or straps showing a little from under their top, particularly if your sports bra is colourful or patterned.


The thickness of the fabric is important for support, but you also want it to be breathable. Mesh linings and bras with fabric that wicks sweat away from your skin will keep you cool and comfortable.


The only way to know for sure if a sports bra is right for you is to try it on. Comfort is important – it’s hard enough working out without being distracted because you’re uncomfortable!

Don’t remove labels until you try it on, and make sure you pay attention to how you feel. Move around, bend and stretch. If there’s something itching, rubbing or pinching your skin, it’s a no-no. It’ll only bother you more after a few hours of wear! 

Best Sports Bra Reviews

Let’s jump straight in to the reviews! Here’s a bit more info on our best sports bra picks.



This Adidas sports bra has convertible straps so you can choose either a regular or cross back (fab for racer-back sports tops!). There’s a hook and eye back fastening so it’s easy to slip on and off.

The moulded cups are soft and comfortable, and offer an adjustable fit, while the breathable mesh lining keeps you cool.

At the time of writing this bra is available in black, light blue, and blush. Keep in mind that it runs a little small, so consider sizing up from your normal size

Best Sports Bra for: Small to medium-sized busts and low to medium impact activities.



You know with Nike to expect great quality and this highly-rated sports bra is no exception!

This bra looks as good as it feels! Available in a wide range of colours, it has a strappy, feminine design and can be worn with confidence by itself while working out, or alternatively under a top with its seamless finish. 

This Nike Sports Bra is made from 100% polyester with Nike’s patented Dry-Fit technology, you can wash and wear, and enjoy comfortable wireless support with  an elastic chest-band for a secure fit, and adjustable criss-cross straps (with a third strap in the middle of the back for even more security).

There are removable lightweight pads for extra comfort and support – some customers report they prefer the bra without these.

This is a pull-on sports bra, without a clasp at the back. It’s a little more tricky to put on, but once it’s on it’s comfortable and body-hugging.

Nike Sizing

The sizing runs a little small (something that’s common with the brand) so consider going a size up for comfort. Users have commented that size Medium is around a 34C, and also that this bra is best used for low to medium impact sports.

Best Sports Bra for: Low impact exercises like walking or yoga.

NIKE Med Non Pad Bra Sports Bra - Black/(White), M



This Nike sports bra is more of a typical design, and can be word on its own as a top with more coverage than the previous Nike option we’ve talked about.

Wearers report that this is more of a high support sports bra and a good running bra. It’s also been recommended for other medium/high impact exercise, and for the soft, comfortable and non-chafe fabric.

In this Sports Bra from Nike your skin will stay cool with Dry-Fit technology, while the 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane fit offers comfort and flex. Again this is a pull-on option, with non-adjustable, but thick and comfortable crossover straps at the back.

The quality of this bra is also fantastic – again you’d expect nothing less from a prestigious brand like Nike! You can wear, wash and repeat safe in the knowledge this bra will last you for years to come.

As for the negatives, the sizing again comes up fairly small – you may find you have to go 1-2 sizes up to get the best fit. Some users also complained of ‘mono-boob’, but this can be a by-product of wearing a size too small.

This bra comes in a range of colours to tone in with your existing workout gear!

Best Sports Bra For: Up to medium sized busts and medium impact exercise like running, Zumba or dancing.



For those looking for a bargain sports bra, this bright and trendy beauty Tesco Sports Bra from Florence and Fred is an absolute steal!

It’s really more of a crop top than a bra. It has a god amount of coverage with a scoop neck, and is ideal for low impact exercise like yoga or pilates. With a 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane mix you can feel both secure and comfortable.”

Again this is a pull-on bra, but because it has standard straps it’s easier to slip on and off. However, this also means that it’s important to get the right size for maximum comfort. Too big, and the straps may slip down over the shoulders, and too small and they may dig in!

Like most of the Florence and Fred for Tesco (and other Tesco Bras!) sizing is accurate.

As a side note if you’re looking for a budget option a Sports Direct Sports Bra could be a good choice – they do a good value range!

Best Sports Bra for: Low-impact exercise, small to medium busts, those on a budget!



Ok, so this isn’t actually a sports bra, but more of a sports bra accessory! The Booband support band can be used on top of an existing sports bra (or regular bra) to provide extra support for exercise, including higher impact sports.

With a traditional hook and eye fastening, the Booband is suitable for all breast sizes, and as well as helping prevent injury and strain it’s also said that it can help with posture too!

You can be confident whatever sport you’re taking part in, as both lateral and vertical movement will be supported. The origins of the Booband lie in the medical support sector, and it’s also been used with suddens in post-op breast augmentation or reconstruction.

Bigger-breasted ladies have called it a ‘game-changer’. However please note it’s crucial to get the sizing right for the Booband to work to full effect! If this is off there’s the risk of it riding up, or pinching when doing certain exercises.

Booband Sizing

Sizing is accurate, however you will have to go by your dress size as opposed to your bra size. 

Take a look at how to measure for your Booband here!

The range is available in a good variety of colours, from subtle neutrals to neon brights.

Best Sports Bra for: High impact sports, bigger breasted ladies.

FAQ about Sports Bras

How Do You Measure for a Sports Bra?

Sports bras usually fit slightly tighter than your normal bras, but your size is usually going to be the same. Don’t size down!

Remember that your bra size will change several times during your life – hormones, raging, pregnancy and weight loss or gain can all have an effect. So even if you think you’re confident with your bra size double-check to be sure!

Read our full guide on how to measure for a sports bra here.

Which Sports Bra Is Best for Daily Wear?

For everyday wear, we think the Adidas Women’s Stronger Soft Sports Bra is a good option. It’s a comfortable fit, and light and easy to wear with everything due to the adjustable straps. The fabric and mesh lining lets your skin breathe in the summer, and it’s easy to slip on and off.

Are Sports Bras Generally True To Size?

In our research (and experience!) we’ve found that sports bras tend to run a little small – particularly if you’re going for a branded version! Remember your bra size doesn’t define you – measure carefully, pay attention to size charts for the brand you’re looking at and if you need to go up a size then do so.

Do you have a question about finding the best sports Bra?

Please feel free to add a comment with your question about finding the right sports bra.  If you want some privacy you can always email us from the contact page too!