I think it’s fair to say that most of us have, at one point or other, owned a padded bra. It’s a useful item to have in your lingerie draw as it prevents your nipples from showing under clothes and can give a flattering figure.  All of which leave you feeling more comfortable. 

But there’s much more to a padded bra than that. Women with asymmetric breasts (which, let’s face it, is most of us) can level the girls out and make them look more even. And if the having kids or breastfeeding have robbed you of your perkiness or fullness of breast, the padded bra can be a real confidence saver.

That said, many women have bad experiences with padded bras stating they suffer with bulging, gaping at the cups, and spills.  But off all of these Bra issues tend to be caused by an ill-fitting padded bra. And with so many different styles and shapes of padded bra, it’s possible you haven’t found the right one for you yet.

Luckily, you’ve landed on the right page. 

In this article, we’re reviewing the best padded bras. And believe me when I say, there’s one for every one. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are my seven favourite padded bras you can buy right now.

Iris & Lilly Women's Microfibre Wireless Padded Bra, Purple Mauve, 34DD
  • Made from stretchy, lightweight microfibre for a smooth feel against the skin
  • Features light padding without underwire to highlight the natural shape and provide comfort
Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra
  • Full microfiber with bagged out finishings for a smooth look
  • Both cups are gathered together and sewn in the middle for a one-piece look
Lavento Strappy Sports Bras for Women Longline Padded Medium Support Yoga...
  • Pullover design with no clasps or hooks, wireless comfort
  • Built-in cups let you customize shaping n coverage (pads included)
Women Bandeau Bra Padded Strapless Brarette Soft Bra Seamless Bandeau Tube...
  • Material: made of fabric, this breathable, comfortable and lightweight material is for many times wearing, seamless bandeau bra has removable pads that is soft and works well in providing protection
  • Basic and easy matching: several colors for your choice, soft bra is always the basic style for daily wearing, its simple color can match with clothes well; Warm note: please allow slight size errors due to manual measurement.
Gratlin Women's Full Cup Lightly Lined Plunge Underwire Maternity Nursing...
  • Lightly padded full coverage offers natural silhouette and support
  • Supportive nursing bra with underwire to hold your boobs firmly
frugue Strapless Push Up Balcony Lace Bra Black 38 D
  • Made in EU. Listed in UK size
  • Balconette-style sexy padded bra with beautiful luxurious passion lace
Gossard Women's Superboost Plunge White Lace Bra, White, 34 34DD UK
  • Superboost lace is all about the excitement of the shape and the subtle delicate nature of the exquisitely fine lace. the bra is no-holds-barred for crucial cleavage, padded for push-up, and features cups created with curve in mind. along with the briefs, it's trimmed with bow and other signature details that take lace lingerie to a whole new level.
  • Padded shape to enhance cleavage.
2 Women in Blue Bikini Image by Antonius Ferret

Guide to Buying the Best Padded Bra

With so many types of padded bras out there, it can be tough to know where to start. So here’s a short guide on how to find the perfect padded bra for you.


When buying a padded bra, your regular size should be a good fit. That said, you should always get fitted before buying a new bra.  Its a fact your breast size and shape does fluctuate due to weight gain/loss or even your monthly cycle! 

Once you’ve got your proper size down and an idea of what your breast shape is, you should look out for the following:

  • Make sure the centre gore lies flat on your chest.
  • The band should be parallel to the ground (horizontal across your back).
  • Your shoulder straps should sit still even when you lift your arms up and down. 
  • The cups should cover the entirety of your breast tissue. 
  • Check for any lumps, bumps, bulges or gaping in the cups.
  • If your cups are gaping at the top, go down a cup size.


Let’s face it. You’re going to be wearing your padded bra for up to 10 hours a day! So let’s make sure you are comfortable wearing it.

Wearing a proper fitting bra is the first step to finding comfortable padded bra. However, you should also be looking at the type of material you want to go with.

Usually, women opt for nylon, satin or cotton fabrics for their padded bras. You can also use a fabric you’re used to or have felt comfortable wearing before.

Remember to take a look at the padding material. Usually, they are made with foam, gel or rubber. Have a feel of each until you find one that suits you best. 

Make sure the padding doesn’t create friction with your skin when you move. And lookout for any tags, stickers, or other potentially annoying intruders inside the cups and band.

Types of Padded Bras

Nowadays, there’s a padded bra for every style, breast shape, and outfit. But it is true that many women will small boobs prefer a padded bra over a non-padded bra. And for women with a relaxed breast shape, a padded bra gives them that curve at the top of the cups they might otherwise miss. 

However, even women with larger cup sizes love a padded bra. Whether they need some padding to soothe their sensitive breasts, are breastfeeding and would like to avoid the dreaded wet patches, or just enjoy having a little push.

For instance, if you need to wear a backless gown, a padded freedom bra is a perfect choice. Your nipples won’t show, and the padding will support you all night long. You can also opt for a t-shirt padded bra for a seamless look under your clothes. A demi-cup padded bra for a sexy night in. And even a padded sports bra for extra support while you break a sweat.

And if you don’t want to feel constricted by your padded cups, you can opt for removable padding instead of fixed padding. Usually, bras with removable padding are designed with a little pocket inside the cups so that you can easily take the padding away and put it back again when you need to. 

Best Padded Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my 7 favourite padded bras and see how they compare.

Iris & Lilly Women's Microfibre Wireless Padded Bra, Purple Mauve, 34DD
OVERALL BEST WIRELESS PADDED BRA - Sizes: 8 to 38; A, B, C, D, DD cups



If you’re looking for an elegant design to support your lovely breasts, this Iris & Lilly Women’s Wireless Padded Bra is just what you need. This lightly padded bra gives you that nice little lift. And the light fabric is flexible enough that you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Users say it’s very soft to wear, and the padded bra’s smooth finish looks very pretty. You can throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash, you can adjust your shoulder straps accordingly, and the hook and eye closure at the back of the band gives you a lot of leeway for the months to come.

Some users say that this wireless padded bra isn’t very supportive for larger breasts and the shoulder straps are a little short. So be sure to measure yourself and get the correct fit for this product.  

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Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra
OVERALL BEST PADDED STRAPLESS BRA - Sizes: 30 to 38; A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G cups



If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect padded strapless bra for that bridesmaid’s dress, your search is over. This Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra is wonderfully secure, comfortable, and gives you a shapely bust. 

With its moulded fingers inside the cups, this padded strapless bra will hold your ladies up all night long. And although you have to wash it by hand, users were very happy with this product. 

As I’m writing this article, this strapless padded bra is available in brown, beige, ivory, and black. This makes it easy to match with your outfits. And with its silicone strips, you don’t have to worry about it slipping. That said, make sure to order the right size, or try a few before making your final purchase as some users have experienced sizing issues with this stick on padded bra.



This Lavento Strappy Sports Bra is perfect for your yoga sessions at home. The stretchy fabric lets your skin breathe throughout the day, and users say it’s very comfy to wear.

The support you get from the padding gives you the freedom to move about the house while keeping your boobs in place. The colour options on this sports bra are limited, but they do have a nice modern colour palette available.

Sizes are a little smaller than your regular fit, so consider sizing up with this one. And some customers say the padding doesn’t provide enough support for high-intensity workouts. So this padded sports bra might be more appropriate for some light exercise or stretching.

To learn how to correctly measure yourself for a sports bra click here.



This Padded Bandeau Bra is great for your relaxing holidays and Sunday walks with the family. Full-busted users love the support they get from this padded bra camisole. It’s very soft on the skin, and you get a pack of three different colours to match your clothes. 

Customers say you can wear this bandeau on a hot day without feeling constricted or sweaty. And the soft cups keep your nipples from showing. You do have to handwash this padded bandeau bra by hand. So make sure you remove the cups beforehand, even though some women prefer wearing them without the padding altogether. 

Again, users were happy with this padded strapless bra. Particularly customers with larger breasts who struggle to find well-fitting padded bra camisoles like this one.

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Gratlin Women's Full Cup Lightly Lined Plunge Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra Beige 32C
OVERALL BEST PADDED NURSING BRA - Sizes: 32 to 42; C, D, DD, E, F, G, H cups



There isn’t a rule that says a nursing bra can’t be sexy. And if you feel like fashioning a nice cleavage once in a while, this padded nursing bra is a great choice. This Gratlin Padded Maternity Nursing Bra has a detachable cup covering that is easy to clip off at the front of the cups. 

This makes breastfeeding a lot easier, and if you’re out for the day, the padded cups can alleviate any wet patch related anxiety. Users say this padded plunge bra doesn’t poke you anywhere or create any friction on the sides of your boobs. But you might want to opt for a size below your regular fit with this padded nursing bra. 

The cups have an underwire for more support, and the available colours give you lots of options depending on what you plan on wearing. However, customers do say it doesn’t last as long as they’d hoped.

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frugue Strapless Push Up Balcony Lace Bra White 32 A



With its elegant fabric and tasteful design, this padded balconette bra will lift your spirits along with your cleavage! This Frugue Strapless Balcony Lace Bra has an underwire lining the bottom of the cups and adjustable straps. It’s beautifully designed, and brings forth your best assets.

Although there are limited colour options, the navy blue model makes for a very sexy look. And personally, it’s my favourite underwired padded bra to wear. Customers say it’s very comfortable, and they felt secure while wearing it.

You do want to try a few before making the final purchase with this one. But overall, the reviews on this balcony padded bra are very good.

We recommend a few more amazing balcony bras here.

Gossard Women's Superboost Plunge White Lace Bra, White, 34 34DD UK



This Gossard Superboost Plunge White Lace Bra is a lovely addition to your wardrobe. With its embroidered cups and lovely lace finish, this padded plunge bra is a great push up option for your low neck dresses and tops. 

Again, the colour options on this padded push up bra are limited. And you do have to wash it by hand. But users say it’s comfy to wear, the cleavage looks great, and the bra itself is a beautiful piece of lingerie. The shoulder straps are a little thin, so make sure you get the right size for this padded underwired bra. 

All in all, this product is a great option for an anniversary, your wedding night, or a Valentine’s day dinner sequel.  Looking for more sexy lingerie then check out our other plunge bras here or our quarter cup bras for some real zing!

FAQ about Padded Bras

Who should wear a padded bra and what are their benefits?

Women wear padded bras to smooth out their breast shape, avoid any nipples showing through, and sometimes, add a bit of volume to the bust. That said, there are so many perks to wearing a padded bra. Whether you’re a full-busted lady and like the comfort, a breastfeeding mum who wants to avoid wet patches, or have sensitive breast tissue, a padded bra is a great item to have at your disposal.

Does a padded bra increase breast size?

Many women with smaller breasts wear a padded bra to increase their cup size. And depending on the type of padded bra you go for, the extra padding can make your boobs look one or two sizes bigger.

That said, many padded bras like minimiser padded bras, sport padded bras, or t-shirt padded bras don’t increase your breast size at all. Instead, they follow the shape of your breast and create a smooth look under your clothes.

Is it OK to wear padded bras everyday?

While it’s possible that wearing a padded bra all day every day could become detrimental to your breast health, it’s also more likely to be so if your padded bra doesn’t fit properly. So as long as you make sure your cups are covering your boobs completely, that your shoulder straps feel snug, and that your cups aren’t gaping or constricting your boobs, you should be fine.

That said, if you’re worried about it, alternate between wearing a padded bra and a non-padded bra, or buy a padded bra with removable pads. 

What are padded and non-padded bras?

While non-padded bras completely embrace your breast shape, padded bras have a soft foam fabric inserted inside the cups. This makes your bust look curvier, provides more support, and keeps your nipples from showing through your clothes.