find the best quarter cup bra with our in-depth reviews

Ladies, if you’re in need of a confidence booster, this is it. The best Quarter Cup Bra will give you the lift in spirits you were looking for. Not to mention an opportunity to show off your femininity in all its glory.  

But you might be wondering what a quarter cup bra is? So let’s clear that up quickly. 

A quarter cup bra is a type of shelf bra (also called a chopper). Essentially, it looks like a normal bra except that most of your breast tissue is exposed (nipple included). So it’s rather like a sexy alternative to your regular bras. 

And it’s really meant to be aesthetically pleasing. 

But despite its effectiveness in the bedroom, it is perfect to wear with low cut tops, plunging necklines, and other revealing types of cleavage without the bra cups showing. 

Smaller busted women also like wearing this ¼ cup bra instead of going braless. This is because the band still provides some support and lifts your cups, giving you a nice perky look.

If you’re in a rush, here are our top seven best quarter cup bras you can buy now.

Women Plus Size Lace Lingerie Set with Suspenders Belt Brown
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Guide to Buying the Best Quarter Cup Bra

To get the best out of your new shelf bra, make sure you pick a model and size that makes you look your best. Here’s what to look for when buying your quarter cup bra.


Getting the right fit for a ¼ cup bra can be a little tricky. So it’s important to try a variety of models, check for any bulges, gaping, or unwanted spills. 

If you have relatively small boobs, a sexy lace fabric with a thin band will fit very nicely. As usual, the band should feel snug against your torso as it provides most of the support. The cups should lie at the bottom of your boobs without digging into your breast tissue. 

Make sure the straps are well adjusted. And as I mentioned above, look for any strange shapes, bulging, or gaping at the level of the cups.

When it comes to larger breasts, a good choice will be a plus-size quarter cup bra with a large band, thicker straps, extra padding in the cups area and a sturdy underwire. 

Many choppers have lace fabric covering your breast tissue. This is a good option as it provides extra support while still exposing the nipple underneath, creating a very subtle erotic look. 

Don’t forget to pick a quarter cup bra with extra boning on the sides. As a full-busted lady, you want to get a healthy amount of side support to keep the girls in place.


While the benefits of wearing a ¼ cup bra aren’t very well known, they do exist. And there are many! 

By exposing most of your breast, this risqué bra gives your chest room to breathe. Which is great for women who suffer from skin problems like allergies, infections or rashes. 

And without the cups of a regular bra providing your boobs a lift, all the support you get from a chopper comes from the material placed along the bust. This part of the shelf bra pushes your boobs up and makes them look full without squeezing or pinching them. 

All in all, wearing a quarter cup bra can be very freeing. Not to mention the great figure you get from wearing one. And with smaller breasts, you can opt for seamless quarter cup bras for extra comfort. 

For bigger-breasted ladies, soft and cushiony padding can help support the boobs. And a soft fabric all along the band and the sides can keep the extra needed boning from digging into your ribs. 

But let’s take a look at the best material for a quarter cup bra.


Given its risqué nature, a shelf bra tends to have lovely lace, embroidery and mesh fabric covering the breast tissue. These tend to be made with cotton and silk. 

But remember, the lace should feel soft on your skin, so keep an eye on those stitches and whether they are likely to create friction during use. And if you like a bit of support, opt for soft and flexible padding made with foam. 

If you’re ready for some extra fun, you can opt for a sexy bra made with synthetic fabrics like pvl, nylon or satin for a suggestive leather look. These are surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Stretchy, soft, and close-fitting, this material will help you look and feel your best. And rest assured, your lover won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

Best Quarter Cup Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at our seven best quarter cup bra reviews and see how they compare.



Whether you’re on your honeymoon or just spicing up your date night, this CHICTRY Women’s See-Through Lace Quarter Cup Bra is a perfect choice. With its sexy straps enveloping your torso and your upper stomach, it will hold the ladies up and leave little to the imagination. 

The bottom of the cups is partly covered with black lace, revealing your nipples and the roundest part of your breast. The top part of the cups is supported by two velvet straps on each side of your chest and join at the centre of the garment for an elegant finish. 

While the cups are lightly underwired, this sexy bra surrounds your upper body and gives your breasts a gentle push. You can choose to wear tassels or nipple covers or leave them exposed. 

This risqué bra is meant to highlight your boobs and help put you and your partner in the mood for a night in. So I wouldn’t suggest wearing this one outdoors. Unless you plan on making a big reveal after work, which could be a great valentine’s day surprise.



This Two Piece Women’s Lingerie Set including revealing 1/4 cup bra will help you stay in touch with your sensuality. And your partner won’t be complaining. With its floral pattern across the bottom of your breasts, this glamorous chopper puts your femininity on a pedestal. 

Users say this ¼ cup bra makes them feel confident and sexy. The straps are adjustable, so you can adjust accordingly and feel secure. However, a few customers have found the size they picked a little too small. So make sure you measure yourself before buying this sexy bra.

The velvety straps look very elegant and fit nicely around your shoulders and ribs. And as this is a light fabric, I’d recommend this chopper for having a good time with your lover at home. That said, many women do enjoy wearing this risqué bra underneath their everyday clothes or a lovely nightgown.



This ¼ cup bra uk is made with high quality material. And it’s very comfortable to wear. The Yutdeng Women’s Quarter Cup Bra & Panties set is designed to push your boobs up for a nice perky look and a great cleavage.

With the hook and eye closure at the back, you can get a perfect fit. The fabric is soft and breathable. And users didn’t have any problems finding the right size. 

Customers also enjoyed the vibrant colours that are available with this product. And they felt that the quality of the material was well worth the price. 

All in all, this product was very well received by its users.

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra with Padded Straps, Collection Grand, Black, Size 32B
OVERALL BEST EVERYDAY ¼ CUP BRA - Sizes: 32 to 52; A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF cups



If you’re looking for padding as well as adjustable straps in a balconette, this one’s for you. Rosme’s Balconette Bra will make a charming addition to your wish list. 

With 60% polyamide and 29% cotton, this shelf bra gives you a flattering cleavage. And according to users, it’s comfortable to wear and a great fit. 

Some customers did experience some spillage with this one and suggest using this ¼ cup bra as a sexy addition to your bedtime activities. 

But I suggest you pay extra care to your breast size before choosing the correct fit for this quarter cup bra. You know, to save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Women Plus Size Lace Lingerie Set with Suspenders Belt Brown
OVERALL BEST PLUS SIZED QUARTER CUP BRA SET - Sizes: 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22



Made with high-quality fabric, this ohyeahlady Plus Size Lingerie Set is a great quarter bra for full-busted women. Its satin finish enhances your sensuality and highlights your curvy figure. 

Customers said the hook and eye closure made it easy to get the quarter cup bra fitting just right. However, they did suggest going a size down as this product can be quite large. 

And some users did say that the ¼  cup bra plus-sized doesn’t provide enough support. So make sure you know your breast size before buying this product.

MAISON CLOSE 1/4 Cup Bra - Inspiration Divine Black and Gold
OVERALL BEST LACE QUARTER CUP BRA - Sizes: S (6/8), M (8/10), L (10/12), XL (12/14)



With this MAISON CLOSE 1/4 Cup Bra, you can wear a chopper under your regular clothes and still feel secure throughout the day. And the fabric is of great quality. It’s soft, stretchy, and well stitched. 

Although this risqué bra is on the pricey side, it’s worth it. This elegant design makes you feel sexy in good taste. And if you happen to have a romantic rendezvous lined up in the next few weeks, you can unhook the lace covering your breast tissue area for a bit more exposure. 

And with an extra thick band along your torso and the beautiful lace fabric on the cups, this shelf bra gives your girls a lot of support. So no need to worry about any slips. 

Savage X Fenty Women's Quarter Cup Bra, Jungle Luv Print, 32DD



This exotic Savage X Fenty Quarter Cup Bra will make a great summer addition to your wardrobe. With its colourful patterns and cute pink bows, this shelf bra is sexy and fun. 

The straps covering the cups give your boobs nice tight support. And if you need to, you can adjust them accordingly. The cups have an underwire to give you that little lift, which you can also adjust with the hook and eye closure at the back of the band.

As your nipples will be completely exposed with this model, you can add cute nipple coverage just to give you a little modesty. 

FAQ about Quarter Cup Bras

What is your experience with wearing an open tip bra?

Open tip bras are great if you enjoy feeling the fabric rub against your nipples. And if you like a subtle nipple shape underneath your clothes, an open tip bra is a fantastic way to show them off. You still feel supported, and your boobs look lovely and perky! Besides, your partner will also reap the benefits. 

Do women wear shelf or quarter cup bras under clothing in public?

Usually, women prefer to wear shelf bras that provide a little more coverage than ¼  cup bras. Like a demi-cup bra for instance. But many women feel very comfortable wearing a quarter cup bra under their everyday clothes. Particularly on date nights! So really, it all depends on your personal preferences.

What is your experience with wearing a shelf bra?

Shelf bras are great for exposing some skin in my new summer dress. It gives me an elegant posture and accentuates the shape of my boobs which my boyfriend loves. But remember, it’s all about putting forth your best assets and feeling good about it. 

Where to find quarter cup bras for plus-sized?

Nowadays, you can find many online stores that offer cute plus-sized ¼ cup bras. A good example is Playful Promises who offer quite an array of great plus-size quarter cup bras for full-busted ladies. You can also find great products on amazon like this ohyeahlady Women Bras Set which curvy women love.