Learning how to measure yourself for a bra and understanding bra sizing can be really confusing.  Its made even more difficult because with every bra types we might need to go up or down a cup or band size! 

You may think that you’re wearing the right size and have been doing so for many years. However, it’s reported that the majority of women out there are wearing the wrong size bra

It’s important to get your boobs measured or if you don’t fancy the closeness of this, learn how to measure yourself. 

We’ll share with you how to measure bra size correctly to be able to get the right bra for you. We’ll also let you know why you should always wear the right sized bra and the impact it will have if you don’t.

How to Measure Yourself For A Bra – Photo credit Jennifer Burk

Why you need a good fitting bra

A good fitting bra is important as your boobs are heavy to carry around, especially when they get to a DD or bigger. If they are not supported correctly, this can result in back pain and bad posture. This can also cause breast tissue damage (and sagging breasts!)

A bra that doesn’t fit well can also cause chafing, that can lead to skin abrasions  and can dig into your skin. You can end up with deep grooves in your skin if the straps are too tight or the bra doesn’t sit correctly. 

Your bra should be comfortable and should lift your boobs, allowing you to walk tall and confidently. 

The right bra should also fit well under your clothing. If it’s too tight you will see lots of lumps and bumps in your clothing. It could be that your boobs even fall out of your bra cup if it’s not big enough to hold them (no one wants double boobs). If the bra is too big you will be able to see gaps between the cup and your breasts, it can lead to embarrassing nip slips and if you wear and unsupportive bra long enough, premature sagging.

A well fitting bra should not be able to be seen under your clothing. If you can see the shape of your bra, it’s a sure sign that it doesn’t fit right and that’s not a good look for anyone. It’s important to know how to measure yourself for a bra.

How to Correctly How to Measure Yourself For A Bra

A proper fitting bra should support your boobs and feel comfortable, almost as if you’re not wearing anything. 

Lots of department stores and lingerie stores offer a free bra sizing service in store. This is a great option if you are struggling to measure yourself. However, some people don’t fancy the idea of someone measuring their boobs, even though very little contact is involved. 

If you prefer to measure your own bra size we can give you some tips as to how to measure yourself for a bra at home for the best result. It’s quick and easy, taking only a matter of minutes to do. 

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How to Correctly How to Measure Yourself For A Bra At Home

You should first get yourself a tape measure and remove your bra. Stand upright so that you are in the correct position for measuring. 

1.You will first measure your band size. You should measure around your back, just under your boobs, making sure you’re measuring in a straight line. The tape should feel snug but not tight. 

We are measuring in inches and you should make sure that the number is an even number. If the number that you measure is an odd number, you should round it up to the next even number. 

This will give you the band size, for example 34 inches or 36 inches.

2. You will now measure your cup size. For this, it’s recommended that you wear your best fitting bra as this will hold your boobs in the right place. 

You should then measure around the fullest part of your boobs. Use your nipple for guidance.

This will then give you your cup measurement. 

3. To get your correct bra size the band size should be subtracted from the cup number. Every inch difference is a cup size, for example; 1 inch equals an A cup, 2 inches equals a B cup, 3 inches equals a C cup, etc.

4.You’re now ready to go bra shopping!

You should bear in mind that bras fit differently in each individual store. It’s not a one size fits all once you have figured out your bra size. 

As you now know what size bra you measure, you should always choose this size first. Try it on and then see how the fit is, it may be that you need to go up a size or down, depending on the style or shape of the bra.

Different styles of bras will fit differently, such as a push up bra, push up strapless bra, stick on bra, an extreme push up bra or a wireless bra. If you are choosing a sports bra or push up sports bra these will also differ in sizes.

What should you look for when trying on a bra

How To Check That You’re Wearing the Right Bra

A tape measure will tell you the size of your boobs. However, this should be used as a guide when trying bras on. The way to check that a bra fits right can be seen when you have it on.

The Bra Band 

The band should sit flat on your back, it should not be high on your back or low and loose. You should be able to get two fingers under the bra strap whilst feeling a little resistance. If you can’t do this, you should try a larger size. 

The Bra Straps

The straps of your bra should sit comfortably on your shoulders. They should not be too tight, nor should they be loose and slip off your shoulders. These should be tightened equally for balanced support.

The Bra Cup

Once you have adjusted the bra band and straps, your cup should fit smoothly and hold your boobs just right. Be sure to check about any overspill or empty cups with wrinkles or sagging.


Having the right sized bra not only makes you feel more comfortable and reduces any chance of pain or bad posture. It also gives you great confidence and allows you to walk tall. It may also make you feel that bit sexier, which is a great thing for everyone!

So now you now know how to measure yourself for a bra correctly its time to find the right bra for you check out our in depth bra style reviews here.


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