Best Maternity Bras

So why should you use a maternity bra – why not just stick with your regular bra?  The best maternity bras are specifically altered version of a regular bra, designed to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy.

Maternity bras usually don’t have underwire cups, meaning they’re much more comfortable to wear, particularly when your hormones are causing your breasts to be tender.

Your body rarely changes as much as when you’re pregnant, so it’s crucial to have the right support! You also want a nursing bra that gives you easy access when you’re breastfeeding. 

Here are (in our opinion) some of the best maternity bras you can buy right now:


ZUMIY Nursing Sleep Bra, Seamless Pregnancy Maternity Breastfeeding Modal...
  • V design, easy pull-aside, Wireless/ seamless, One-hand breastfeeding access (nursing pads inside or can be placed by yourself).
  • No clasps or hooks to mess with. Move comfortably with it day or night, no itchy elastic chest bands or underwire.
neppein Maternity Nursing Bra, 3Pack Seamless Pregnancy Bra Breastfeeding...
  • Elasticity&Breathable Nursing Bra; Your body and size will have a large change during pregnancy, the elastic material and bra extension make it easy to suit your bust size fluctuations, and the material is very breathable and soft, your skin will like it
  • One-hand access Maternity Bra; simple and convenient clasp design, you can drop cup off with one hand easily, it is so convenient to feed your baby, let the breastfeeding get easier and no awkward
MOMANDA Women's Wire Free Lightly Lined Maternity Nursing Lace Bra Bralette...
  • Front drop down clips provide easy breastfeeding access
  • Non-wired, slightly padded cup for support and shape
DORSION Black Womens Hands-Free Breastpump Bra(Black)(L(L/XL/XXL)
  • Adjustable - Comes with a convenient 10" adjustable back panel to ensure a perfect fit as your body goes through natural changes during nursing.
  • Freedom - Hands-free breast pump bra with impeccable design, maximum comfort, and the freedom for you to work on tasks or simply relax while pumping.

Guide to Buying the Best Maternity Bras

There are a few things to bear in mind when you’re looking for the best maternity bras for yourself (yes we said BRAS as you will need several as you grow during pregnancy and after!). Here are our tips…


If you have a larger bust it’s likely you’ll need to go for a more structured bra – they’re not as pretty as some of the other versions but your boobs will thank you for the extra security!! 

A good idea to go for a version with wide straps if you have a larger bust for extra support and comfort.

Seamless or Non-Seamless

This completely depends on the outfit you want to wear your maternity bra with! However going for a seamless model with moulded cups will give you the flexibility of being able to wear your bra under a wider selection of outfits and fabrics without having to worry about any lines or bulges.


The only way to know for sure if these will be the best maternity bras is is to try them on. Comfort is important – you don’t want straps or bands digging in, or constantly feeling like you have to readjust yourself – pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough at times without this!

Don’t remove labels until you try it on, and make sure you pay attention to how you feel. Move around, bend and stretch. If there’s something itching, rubbing or pinching your skin, send it back.

Best Maternity Bras Reviewed

Let’s take a look at the five best Maternity bras according to our panel of customers and reviewers.  How do these nursing bras compare?



This comfortable bra is great for nighttime support, and also for keeping breast pads in place. There are no uncomfortable wires, no clasps or complicated fasteners to mess about with, and the v-design means it’s easy to push aside for feeding.  

It isn’t the prettiest bra ever, but it does its job and does it really well! It’s a crop-top design, with a supportive underband and wide, comfortable straps. Offering gentle support, the bra has enough stretch to accommodate fluctuations in breast size and shape, and the breathable fabric keeps you cool.

Wearers report how comfortable this bra is to wear, and how secure it feels. The sizing is accurate, and the bras wash well. The only complaints was that it could be a little fiddle to get on, and that it doesn’t offer the best support for higher impact movement when you’re up and about. everything feels when it’s on despite the deep plunge cutout. It’s underwired, and although it isn’t padded the material is thick to provide nipple coverage and a seamless look. 

Best maternity bra for sleeping, low impact movement and night time breastfeeding.



This value 3-pack of maternity and nursing bras is simply great value! The pack includes not only three seamless and wireless maternity bralettes, but also a set of matching bra extenders for those pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight fluctuations!

Fully adjustable straps mean it’s easy to get a comfortable and secure fit. The fabric is soft and breathable, and the cups feature removable moulded pads to prevent milk leaking through. There are clasps at either side allowing you to quickly and easily drop the cups at one or both sides for easy feeding. 

The included bra extenders will allow you an extension of up to two inches in the back band, so keep this in mind when choosing which size to order if you feel like you may drop sizes fairly quickly. 

There’s also an optional buckle for the back straps to convert the bra into a cross-back model – great versatility for summer days where you may not want your straps showing!

Bigger busted ladies report that this is a great option, providing comfortable, gentle support. The surprisingly good quality for the price was also frequently commented on. 

This breastfeeding bra runs true to size, and at the time of writing the pack  is available in black/pink/nude or black/blue/nude options. 

Best maternity bra for bigger busts, wearing under a variety of tops and busy breastfeeding mamas who are on a budget.




This is such a pretty lace bra – you’d hardly think it was a maternity bra at all! It also comes in a wide range of gorgeous colours, from traditional white, black and nude to gorgeous deep green, mustard and burgundy!

The adjustable straps will keep you secure, while the cups drop down for easy feeding access. This bra is non-wired, with a deep, comfortable lace underband, and a back fastener. 

Wearers comment again and again on how pretty this bra is, and how good they feel wearing it! The lace pattern is delicate and beautiful, and there’s a colour for everyone. The slightly padded cups help prevent any leaking through and provide a gentle shape. 

This bra is great for smaller-busted ladies, but perhaps not such a good choice for bigger busts as the cups don’t have the same coverage as some other maternity bra options. Wearers have also commented that the band can ride up as your bump grows, particularly if you’re carrying high. It runs a little small in size, so take this into consideration when you order. 

Best Maternity Bra for small busts, treating yourself and special occasions (or romantic ones!) while pregnant and postpartum.




This nursing bra is a super comfortable option, in a 90% cotton and 10% polyamide mix. It really makes you feel like you’re not wearing a bra at all!!

A great choice for bustier women, it provides great support and fuller coverage, holding you securely in shape without any uncomfortable underwires. The wide and adjustable straps help achieve a great fit, and the cups drop down for feeding. 

The sizing is accurate, and the bra is available in the staple colours of black, white and two nude tones. A back hook and eye fastener means it’s simple to slip on and off. 

Wearers comment on how comfortable and soft the material is, and how adjustable and supportive the bra is overall. However the cut isn’t to everyone’s tastes – some buyers felt the front join between the cups and the height of the cups under the arm was too high. 

Best for Maternity Bra for bigger busts, wearing under thicker fabrics and easy in public breastfeeding.



If you’re familiar with breast pumping you’ll know how long a session can take. However, this great breast-pump bra from Dorison means you can be handsfree and get on with your day as you pump without having to hold the bottles in place!

This is really more bustier than a bra, with full coverage, anti-slip panel and a zip-up front. The breast pumps simply slot in securely to the openings – if you have a plug-in pump you can relax with a book and a cuppa, or with battery operated pumps you can wander around hands free to your heart’s content! 

Just remember to pop on a cover up before you answer the door to the postman…!

You can double-pump idf you wish, and the back panel is adjustable for a secure fit. There are also sturdy adjustable straps to keep things in place.

Wearers comment on how comfortable, secure and convenient this bra is, and love that they can get a few minutes sleep, eat or get on with tasks! The only criticism was that the bra can be tight for larger back sizes, and that it can get a little warm after prolonged wear. 

Best Maternity Bra for those looking for a Breastpump Bra including working mums and busy mums.

FAQ about Maternity Bras/Nursing Bras

When should I start wearing a Maternity Bra?

You should start wearing a maternity/nursing bra as soon as you notice your breasts starting to grow and change – typically this will be just after your first Trimester.

Remember that your bra size will change several times during your pregnancy – you may need to buy more than one size of bra throughout as your shape changes.

So even if you think you’re confident with your bra size double-check to be sure each time you make a purchase!

Why do I need a Maternity Bra?

Some people find that their breasts don’t change too much during pregnancy. However others may find that their boobs grow by up to a whopping five cup sizes! Therefore it’s important you’re wearing the right size and type of bra for support.

As we’ve mentioned your boobs are often more tender during pregnancy, so the additional coverage, stretch and non-wired comfort of a maternity bra is something your boobs will thank you for!

Are Nursing Bras Generally True To Size?

In our research we’ve found that nursing bras tend to run true to size!

However there are variations between brands, so make use of any supplied size charts.  This is particularly true if the sizes listed are S,M, L etc as opposed to band and cup sizes. If you need to go up a size then do so.

What’s the difference between Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras?

The two are fairly interchangeable, however by definition a maternity bra is generally worn while you are pregnant and is designed in a way that doesn’t place any pressure on your breast tissue, while a nursing bra is typically worn while you are breastfeeding and includes nursing clips which allow the front of the cup to drop down for baby to feed. 

That being said nursing bras don’t place any pressure on the breast tissue either and are suitable to wear during your entire pregnancy and breastfeeding journey!