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Some don’t feel comfortable going braless when wearing strapless shirts or backless dresses. At the same time, it just doesn’t look cool when bra straps interfere with the outfit. Freedom bras provide a solution to this dilemma.

The best freedom bra can still offer the support you crave, while being discreet enough for you to wear whatever you want along with it. Top options include products that won’t fall off or create other wardrobe malfunctions. If you need the support of straps check out our best backless bra reviews too!

You know we want to help you find the best freedom bra UK wide so we have reviewed heaps of them.  For those of you in a rush to buy the best freedom bra here are our top five.

SHINYMOD Adhesive Bra, Strapless Bras for Women Reusable Invisible Bra...
  • WING-SHAPE & PUSH UP INSTANT LIFT£ºOnly SHINYMOD ---- Newest silicone bra with Wing-Shaped design. Not like other ordinary shape sticky bras look, just for unique you! SHINYMOD Backless bra prevent the expansion of the breast effectively, make your chest deep, broad and well filled in. Self adhesive bras helps push up your chest and shape the charming effect of deep ¡°V¡±. Unique wing shape design, Better to show off your beautiful chest curve, increase your sexy glamour rating.
Geyoga 2 Pairs Women Lift Nipplecovers Rabbit Strapless Backless Bra, Self...
  • Package includes: come with 2 pairs rabbit strapless backless bras; 2 classical colors available, black and flesh. S size is approx. 3.74 inch, suit for A/B cup; L size is approx. 4.33 inch, suit for C/D cup; XXL size is approx.5.2 inch,suit for D/E or larger, 3 sizes can be chosen, which can satisfy most women requirements
  • Strong stickiness: the rabbit adhesive bra is made of skin-friendly, soft silicone which won't easily slip down; It can easily gather and lift the breasts and enhance cleavage, great for fuller busts and prevents them from sagging
ENINNE Boob Tape Backless Bra - Bob Tape for Large Breasts-Tit Tape-Body...
  • INSTANT LIFT AND SUPPORT: Get it ready in less than 10 minutes & hold up your bust for 8 hours
  • FITS ANY CUP SIZE (Including DD+): A perky cleavage is now possible even for large breasts
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY: Painless to remove, latex free, hypoallergenic and breathable freedom adhesive bra
YouGa Silicone Pasties Breast Lift - Invisible Bra Breast Petals, Silicone...
  • 💕Please Attention: To maintain the tackiness, please clean the skin before use.Do not use on wounded skin. If you feel any discomfort during use, please stop using it. If you have sensitive skin, please buy with caution.
  • 💕LIGHT WEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Just paste our Nipple Covers on the delicate parts of the breast to make you get rid of the bra, give you the maximum freedom.
  • 💕APPLICABLE OCCASION: Suitable for wearing in sexy tights, halter, vest, see-through look, evening etc.,

Guide to Buying the Best Freedom Bra

A backless bra should be as invisible as possible while still offering support and security during wear. I personally think the best freedom bra is ones that creates some cleavage but there are more features to consider:


You want your stick on bra to blend into your skin for it to go unnoticed. Many freedom bras come in “nude” colours. If you have darker skin, you’ll want to look for a specific tone that’s suitable. There are also black adhesives that work well with most dark outfits. Clear ones work well with lighter clothes.


As with all bras, you want your invisible bra to fit you correctly, you need to feel held in and held up! You will want to find the best freedom bra for your boob size as well to prevent it from falling off. Most adhesive bras come in a B or C-sized cup. If you’re an A size or D+ you should double check that these less common options are available in the bra style you want.


While all freedom bras are adhesive and stick to your skin, they come in different shapes and styles.

Nipple covers are the smallest type that generally only cover your nipples and the areola. This style doesn’t offer a lot of support but it’s ultra discrete and people won’t even know that you’re wearing a bra.

If you’re looking for more support and cleavage, adhesive bras with clasps are a good option. The two stick cups are connected by a clip in the middle that offers a more lifted look. They’re bigger than simple covers but aren’t as invisible.

Some freedom bra types are a mix of the two mentioned above. They cover more skin than nipple covers, while also giving the breasts a lift and some support but without a clasp. These are a middle-ground choice.

Finally, you also have the choice of buying breast tape (tit tape as the tabloids call it) that allows you to customise the shape of your bra.


The best freedom bra contains medical-grade silicone that’s safe to use on the skin. It’s non-irritating and shouldn’t cause a poor reaction to sweat. Some non-stick bras are fabric with a silicone gel added for stickiness.

Best Freedom Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my five best freedom bras and see how they compare.



This SHINYMOD bra has winged-shaped cups secured by a front clip. This cup shape makes the product appear less visible if you’re wearing a plunging neckline, while still giving you support. The clasp provides extra stability and a little lift, too. Even D-cup users praise the support offered here.

SHINYMOD made this easy-to-wear bra from medical-grade silicone that’s reportedly hypoallergenic. Users agree on comfort and appreciate how well the product stays in place throughout the day and night, even when clubbing.

It’s available in A-F cup sizes which will suit most users. This freedom bra silicone is a mix between nude and clear colours, and will go unnoticed for people with lighter skin tones. If you have darker skin, you might want to go for the ENINNE Body Tape Strapless Bra instead that has more colour options.

Some users feel like this bra runs small, and recommend that you buy a larger size than your usual bra size. Even though it has a clip-type adhesive, there are also reports that it doesn’t give your breasts that much of a lift.



This is a popular design that gives you that deep v-shaped look with the help of a strong front clip. It’s available in A through F sizes and people ranging between these all expressed satisfaction with the push-up they received.

The Niidor Adhesive Bra comes in a nude colour, as well as in black that suits everyone who wears dark clothes. They’re available in either silicone or cloth with adhesive, depending on your preference.

According to buyers, this freedom bra sticks super well on your skin, even while doing physically demanding work or dancing. If you wash them and hang them out to dry, they’re ready to use the next day and still maintain their stickiness.

This product reportedly runs a size small, so consider going up a cup size. Also, it’s not stated what type of silicone Niidor uses in this bra. Some customers feel like their skin itches after a few hours of wear, so there’s a chance the silicone is lower quality.



You get two pairs of adhesive bras for an affordable price in this value pack, one nude coloured, and one black pair.

They’re rabbit shaped and cover your nipples, while offering a lift from the rabbit-ear portion. You can cut off the ears with a pair of scissors if you want less of a lift and a more discrete look. Users love this feature.

This rabbit bra doesn’t have a clasp, which means it doesn’t offer much cleavage. On the upside though, it’s barely visible under clothing even with a low neckline. According to customers, the nipple doesn’t show when wearing these because the material is rather thick.

These bras are made from soft silicone gel. Customers state that it feels soft and comfortable. What’s even better is that it’s also easy to take on and off.

Buyers wish that these two freedom bras would come with a storage compartment to prevent things from sticking to the adhesive. Unfortunately, sizing is limited too: small (A/B cup), large (C/D cup), and XXL (D/E cup).



If you want to customize the shape of your freedom bra depending on your outfit, breast tape is the way to go. Lift tape doesn’t come in cup sizes either, so everyone can use this product no matter their breast size.

Simply lift your breasts into the desired position and start taping from underneath them.

The tit-tape comes in beige, brown, or black. It’s 3 inches wide which gives good support without being noticeable underneath clothing.

According to users, this breast tape is sweatproof and doesn’t fall off easily. This might be due to the breathable cotton used in the tape. The moisture-wicking material won’t slide off due to sweat and stays on for the whole day or night.

As for the downsides, this tit tape isn’t reusable. You have to use a new piece of tape every time you need it which makes it a bit wasteful. The manufacturer also recommends against repositioning it once it’s in place since the stickiness might disappear otherwise.



This adhesive bra has a flower-shaped nipple cover that’s either nude or beige-coloured. For some added cleavage, it also has a clear lift tape that’s very discrete.

It’s made from 100 percent medical-grade silicone and users state that it doesn’t itch nor leave any marks on your skin.

The Breast Lift Pasties are only available in one size, but people with A-cups as well as C-cups confirm that these support their breasts well. They also stick with ease to the skin and don’t come off even in sweaty, summer weather. In terms of nipple coverage, customers are satisfied.

On the downside, customers state that these are made for “ideally shaped” breasts and give a weird shape to lower-hanging boobs. Also, buyers with larger chests (D cup and up) report that it doesn’t give them much of a lift and that the breasts “spill over.”

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Freedom Bra?

The best shape and style for your freedom bra depends on your personal preference. But our top pick is the SHINYMOD Strapless Bra. It gives a good amount of support and is easy to put on with a front clasp. The medical-grade silicone is gentle on the skin. Also, the bra is available in many different cup sizes.

Which invisible bra is your favorite? tell us in the comments box

FAQ about Freedom Bras


A freedom bra is the name we use in the UK for an invisible bra or a stock on bra.  You will find tit tape, nipple pasties and niple flowers are all considered to be freedom bras.

They are also referred to as backless bras or multiway bras when you are searching to buy them on the internet.


For those with a bigger bust or who need the variety of colours to match darker skin you could well prefer tit tape.

If you want a cleavage tit tape can give this for the larger boobs too whereas the stick on bras will struggle often with bigger boobs.

We go into detail above on the benefits of tit tape.  However we do recommend the Niidor Freedom Bra for those who want an invisible bra for a bigger bust.

Do you have any questions about the freedom bra ?

Ask us your invisible bra and stick on bra questions through the comments box or email us if you need privacy.

What are the top brand of Stick on Bra?

There are lots of bra brands who are making the best freedom bra for every shape of woman.  Some of the best we have found are sold on Amazon from a range of manufacturers.  It’s really a try it and see to find what’s perfect for you