A balcony bra, also called a balconette bra, is an everyday style bra with a low cut that gives less coverage but the same amount of support as a regular bra.

The balconette bra was created in the late 1930s and came into popularity in the 1950s when people saw Marilyn Monroe modelling it. Today, many brands and sets are named after the iconic personality.

The best balcony bra sets are designed to be versatile so that you can wear them regularly. They are comfortable but still flattering and supportive, making women feel confident and sexy. We’ve rounded up the best balcony bras for you to see.

The best balcony bras include:

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra, Collection Grand, White, Size 36C
  • Balcony Bra
  • Lightly Padded Cups
  • Adjustable Straps
frugue Strapless Push Up Balcony Lace Bra Black 34 B
  • Made in EU. Listed in UK size
  • Balconette-style sexy padded bra with beautiful luxurious passion lace
  • Underwire cups designed to provide support and form without being felt
Wonderbra Women's Refined Glamour Balconette Everyday Bra, Off-white (Ivory...
  • Irresistible lift
  • Padded shape with foam pad on lower cups for a wonderful cleavage
  • Beautiful balconette shape which enhance your cleavage and creates a glamorous look
frugue Push Up Balcony Sexy Lace Lift Bra Pink 34 F
  • Made in EU. Listed in UK size
  • Balconette-style padded bra with beautiful luxurious passion lace
  • Underwire cups designed to provide support and form without being felt

Types of Balconette Bra Styles

The best Balcony bra is unique in that the cups offer less coverage than classic demis to emphasize your natural cleavage, and the wider-set straps are nearer to the edges of your shoulders. Let’s take a look at the popular balconette bra styles to choose from.

The Classic Balconette 

With a half or three-quarter cup and minimal lining, the classic balcony usually has an underwire band that supports the weight of your breasts while graciously embracing your curves.

The Push Up Balconette

This bra type has three-quarter cups with an underwire that lifts the breasts higher and towards the centre. The push-up balcony bra is intended to shape and give support to your boobs from any angle.

The Padded Balcony Bra

The padded balconette bra is specially designed for women with smaller breasts who need more uplift or those who want to give themselves a better shape. The padding pulls the breasts together, offering them firmer support and a nice, rounded shape.

Low Back Strapless Balcony Bra

A low back strapless balcony bra is ideal for all kinds of outfits, especially those that leave the chest, upper back and shoulders on view. It usually has removable straps and a band that sits lower on your back to ensure it’s hidden in your dress or top.

The Bridal Wear Balconette Bra

This lace fabric edition complements the sweetheart neckline wedding gown. It usually comes in white with a lot of floral laces, making the bra appear elegantly sensual.

A white balconette bra is a perfect undergarment for a wedding dress. It is also an excellent pick for special occasions such as date nights when paired with deep neck designs.

The Cutting It Close Look

The cup coverage of this type of balcony bra is kept at a minimum (half or less), meaning that most of your chest remains revealed. This allows you to rock a deep neckline easily. The cups support and shape your curves, while the wide-angle on the sides gives the needed support.

These balconette bras are ideal for events like black-tie events and weddings, where you can wear them under off-the-shoulder gowns and dresses. It is, however, not a good pick for everyday wear.

Guide to Buying the Best Balcony Bra

When shopping for your ideal best balcony bra, you’ll need to consider a few crucial factors.


While it’s best to select a brand that suits your budget, make sure not to compromise on your comfort. It may be better to spend a little more on something that’s made of quality materials for improved comfort and durability.

Skin sensitivity

 Some women are sensitive to materials like polyester, so take note of the materials before you buy.


Strap slippage is a common issue with the balcony bra. Since the straps are set widely apart, they may slip past your shoulders, especially for ladies with slanting shoulders. The solution is to try out different styles and find one that works for you.

Breast size and shape

 If you have a fuller bosom that tends to spill over the top of the cups, you need to change the size of the bra or look for one with light or no padding.

Best Balcony Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my 5 favourite balcony bras and see how they compare.



This sexy and comfortable balconette bra UK looks good in and out of clothes. It has a superb ability to create fullness on the top half of your breasts without requiring padded inserts and still being incredibly comfortable.

The Rosme balconette bra has a tight fit, which means it creates a push-up effect without using lots of padding. It has underwires with lightly padded cups and comes with adjustable straps. It’s affordable, too, and there are lots of attractive colours to choose from.

frugue Strapless Push Up Balcony Lace Bra Black 34 B



If you’re looking for a bra to give your breasts a more rounded and perky look, Frugue women’s sexy push-up balconette bra is ideal. This half-cup bra will accentuate your boobs by moulding itself to your unique curves and hide everything else.

The underwire will provide firm support, and the removable push-up padding adds a cup size for enhanced cleavage. You can adjust the shoulder straps to your comfort and liking and remove them entirely if you need a strapless balcony bra.



The Wonderbra Refined Glamour Balconette is a tasteful and feminine bra made with lace fabric. The great thing about the lace is it’s flat, which means it goes unnoticed under your everyday outfits. 

More impressively, the bra’s technology is nothing short of brilliant. It not only has an amazing push-up effect and a shaping technology to give you an incredible cleavage, but it also has enough support to keep everything in place. There’s no need to be worried when bending over. This is the perfect mix of beauty and function.

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra Collection Annija, Black, Size 40DD



This is a high-quality product that combines great design with premium fabrics. It has the conventional hook and eye closure for the stretchy band and underwire support for the cups.

The design is enhanced by its padded cups, wide straps and floral pattern. You can find it in different colours and sizes that suit your fit.

The Rosme comes at a reasonable price, and users say it’s effortless to put on and can therefore be your go-to everyday solution. However, it’s recommended to clean it by hand in cold water to prevent any damage to the fabric.

frugue Push Up Balcony Sexy Lace Lift Bra Pink 34 F



The luxurious passion lace on this bra speaks for itself. The underwire cups are specifically designed to provide support and form to your breasts without being felt when worn. 

While there’s only light padding, the Frugue push-up bra enhances your cleavage and makes your upper breasts look full and round. There are a large variety of colours and sizes to choose from, and customers say the model is comfortable to wear.

The best balcony bra is...

It’s crucial for every woman to find a go-to bra for all occasions. If you’re looking for a balcony bra to air out your decolletage, the best balcony bra for first-time and seasoned buyers, in our opinion, is the Rosme Womens Balconette Bra, Collection Grand. It’s designed for women of all sizes, from a B cup to FF. Its thick, padded straps are adjustable, giving you maximum comfort underneath your outfit.

This balcony bra comes in numerous colours, thus providing quality variety to your closet. It also allows you to show off your cleavage without compromising your comfort and security. 

FAQ about Balcony Bras

What Are Balcony Bras?

Balcony bras are constructed with underwire and half-circle shaped cups, which offer a square neckline that’s ideal for low-cut clothes.

Balconette bras offer less coverage with their rounded shape than a full cup style bra to emphasize your natural cleavage. They are ideal for fuller breasts that need a little lift.

Generally, the balcony bra has wide-set straps, so they tend to sit further apart on your shoulders. The straps hoist the breasts from the base of the cup, making them feel fuller and more elevated.


The balconette bra typically provides less coverage of a woman’s bosom than regular bras. It’s perfect for low-cut tops and dresses since the bra won’t be visible.

Although it’s ideal for women with a fuller cleavage, this doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to them. Any woman can wear this bra since it comes in various styles, colours, and fabrics.

A balcony bra lifts the top half of your bosom, so it’s sometimes referred to as a half-cup bra. Its design incorporates a push-up feature, which holds your breasts firmly, making them appear fuller and more lifted. This means it has a great appeal, making you feel sexy when wearing it.

The balconette bra typically comes with thinly padded inserts. The underside of the bra has padding that adds volume to the breasts.

What Are the Best Balcony Bra UK Brands?

The best brands for balcony bras UK include:


  • Bravissimo.
  • Wonderbra.
  • Frugue.
  • Rosme.
  • Bluebella.
  • Curvy Kate.