Best Sloggi Bra

Best Sloggi Bra: The Most Comfortable Bra in 2021!

Sloggi is a classic for everyone’s wardrobe. The brand makes some of the most comfortable, non wired bras and knickers that are designed to be an everyday staple. There’s even a selection of Sloggi for men!

Today, the brand has come a long way from the traditional cotton underwear and Sloggi maxi briefs to feature innovative materials and seamless designs. But comfort is still the star, so we think everyone should own at least one Sloggi bra.

Which is the best Sloggi bra is for you? Let’s find out.

If you’re in a hurry, these are the best Sloggi bra models you can buy right now.

Sloggi Women's Basic+ N Everyday Bra, White, 36B
  • Heavenly soft
  • Perfect fit
  • Extra soft seams
  • Machine washable at 60° (whites at 95°)
Sloggi Women's Zero Feel Ex Bralette, Black, M UK
  • Revolutionary lightly padded moulded bralette
  • Innovative patented super snug and fine jersey exclusive to sloggi
  • V shape neckline for less coverage
  • Removable graduated pads which offer a push-up effect
  • Flat and seam-free due to cutting-edge dot bonding
Sloggi Women's Romance Non-Wired Bra White, 38C
  • Ultra fine Supima cotton
  • Delicate soft laces
  • Sophisticated comfort
Sloggi Women's Sloggi Zero Feel Ex Crop Top, White, M UK
  • Revolutionary lightly padded moulded crop top
  • Innovative patented super snug and fine jersey exclusive to sloggi
Sloggi Women's Zero Feel N Ex Wireless Bra, Cognac, M UK
  • Next generation ZERO Feel soft bra
  • Innovative patented Japanese multi-stretch fabric exclusive to sloggi
  • 49% Polyamide, 40% Elastane, 11% Polyester Fastening: Popper
  • Viscomagic technology provides support without any additional compon
  • Offers complete invisibility, moisture wicking finish

Guide to Buying the Best Sloggi Bra

There are some things you should take into account when you’re looking for the best Sloggi bra for yourself. While a big part of the decision comes down to personal tastes, here are some additional tips for finding the perfect Sloggi bra.


The most important thing about a bra is how much support it gives you. Especially if you have a larger cup size, you’re more likely to suffer from upper back and shoulder pain.

Since you’re looking at Sloggi bras that don’t have an underwire, we recommend looking into the more structured models if you have a large bust. The bras with only one thin layer of stretchy fabric likely won’t be enough.

Also, pay attention to the straps. Wider straps give you more support and can help decrease pain and pressure on your shoulders.

Of course, all of this depends on what your preference is. Thin cotton bras can be a good option for a larger bust, too, if you like a lighter feel with less support.

Seamless or Non-Seamless

Many women don’t mind their bra outline or straps showing a little from under their shirt. Others prioritize a seamless fit. These are especially well-suited for wearing under a T-shirt or tight clothing, especially in a work environment.


The thickness of the fabric is not only important for the support, but it also helps you keep your nipples covered. We recommend the Sloggi Zero Feel bra models as the best sloggi bra for those who want more protection/nipple coverage.


Ultimately, a bra is one of the pieces of clothing you keep closest to your skin, so it comes down to your personal comfort. You’ll never know for certain if the bra is right until you try it on, so make sure you pay attention to how you feel.

When you’ve got the bra on, move around, lift your arms and bend over. If there’s something itching or pinching your skin, it’ll only bother you more after hours of wear. Trust yourself and only keep the bras that feel good on your skin, otherwise you’ll waste your money.

Personally thats why I think these Sloggi Bras are some the the best i have in my draws.  They honestly allow me to have the uplift/support of wearing a bra without feeling that I am bound up (and they give me less back fat too!)

Reviews of the Best Sloggi Bras in 2021

Let’s take a look at my five favourite Sloggi bras and see how they compare.  

Sloggi Women's Basic+ N Everyday Bra, White, 36B
OVERALL BEST SLOGGI BRA - Voted by our customers and reviewers



This basic Sloggi bra should be a staple for a woman’s everyday wardrobe. It has an invisible look so you can wear it with a T-shirt, and it doesn’t itch or make you sweat.

The non wired sloggi bra has a hook and eye fastening at the back, and the straps are thin. It’s made of 82 percent cotton that keeps it fresh, with an added 18 percent of elastane to give it a nice stretch. The material feels light and airy, and customers comment that it feels like you’re not wearing a bra at all.

Keep in mind that the cups have a single layer of fabric, which means they don’t offer a lot of support. This is why, in general, we recommend this for women with smaller cup sizes. The thin fabric also means that the white colour can be a little see-through.

Note that this model tends to be quite small, so you should consider sizing up from your regular fit.  So it’s the best sloggi bra for smaller busted women I think.

Sloggi Women's Zero Feel Ex Bralette, Black, M UK
OVERALL BEST SLOGGI UPLIFT BRA TOP - As voted by our amazing customers and in house reviewers



For a bra that offers a little more support while keeping that light feel against your skin, we recommend the Zero Feel bralette. It has wide shoulder and back straps with a seamless design, so they don’t show through your shirt.

The material is 70 percent polyamide and 30 percent elastane, which gives it breathability and stretch. If you’re a fan of natural fabrics, though, this one has a more synthetic feel and shiny look.

Note that this Sloggi Zero Feel bra is a pull-on model, so it doesn’t have a clasp at the back. It’s a little more uncomfortable to put on and you won’t be able to adjust the straps. On the positive side, there’s also nothing itching on your back.

The fit is slightly more structured and has a subtle push-up effect with foam inserts, combined with the comfort of a bra without an underwire. Still, it’s a matter finding the right fit for you. Some customers comment that the band of this Sloggi bra top either bunches up or rides up from under the breast.

This is the best Sloggi bra for yoga or light exercise activities and to wear under T-shirts etc.


Sloggi Women's Romance Non-Wired Bra White, 38C
OVERALL BEST SLOGGI LACE BRA - According to our reviewers and customers.



It’s sometimes tough to find a comfortable, quality bra that still feels feminine because bras without underwires often prioritize support over looks.

The Sloggi Romance line is a good option for those women. It incorporates a lace top that makes it feel a little lighter and more low-cut, while still giving you support. The material is a mix of polyamide, cotton and elastane. It’s soft, stretchy and stays in place all day, but it’s thin enough to not feel too suffocating.

As for the negatives, the elastic band underneath is narrow and some women note that it digs into their skin. Since this bra is a pull-on model, there’s no hook and eye at the back, but there’s a seam that some customers find itchy.

If you want a bit of feminine chic and sexy lace but still the relaxed feel of Sloggi then this is the best sloggi bra for you!

Sloggi Women's Sloggi Zero Feel Ex Crop Top, White, M UK
OVERALL BEST SLOGGI SPORTS BRA - As voted by our reviewers and customers.!



For those looking for a sportier look, the Zero Feel Bustier is more of a crop top than a bra. It covers your chest all the way down to your top ribs and is pretty high-cut at the front. This Sloggi bra top also comes in an amazing variety of colours, from light pinks to orange, burgundy and bright blue apart from the traditional black and white.

The Zero Feel fabric is synthetic but secure and seamless. According to customers, it’s also thick enough to give you a good nipple cover. In the summer it can get a little sweaty, especially because it covers such a wide area of your chest and back.

Since this covers quite a lot, the straps and band are wide and not adjustable. This means that if the size isn’t perfect, the straps may fall off or dig into your shoulders. We generally recommend this for smaller cup sizes, because they tend to find this bra most comfortable.

This is definitely the best Sloggi bra for anyone wanting something for sports.  I can’t say it has the same support power of a Shock Absorber Bra but hey this bra isn’t designed for that!

Sloggi Women's Zero Feel N Ex Wireless Bra, Cognac, M UK
OVERALL BEST NON WIRED SLOGGI BRA - Well thats what our customers and reviewers think!



If you want to try the Sloggi Zero Feel fabric but you want a traditional hook and eye bra, this model could be your pick. It gives you the benefit of the seamless Zero Feel design, which feels almost like a second skin, with the adjustability of a traditional bra.

As a difference from the bralette and bustier, this one has a clasp and a lower cut in the front and back. There are also small changes in the fabric, that feels a little stiffer and more supportive, and provides good nipple cover. The straps and side panel are wide, so you can generally trust this bra in your movements.

Note that the cup is very structured, so with larger breasts, it can really squash them. Another possible issue is the band bunching up under the breasts and cutting into your skin.

Some customers also find the straps too long and that they slide off their shoulders. Given that there’s no way to adjust them, you’ll need to get the size just right.

Best sloggi bra for anyone wanting the traditional hook and eye fastening to hold it well on the back but still that zero feel sloggi magic on the body!

The Most Comfortable, Best Sloggi Bra is?

After going through the best Sloggi bra models, the Sloggi Women’s Basic Non-Wired Everyday Bra comes out on top. While the other options in this review are great, we consider the comfort and breathability of this model to be the best for everyday wear.

When you’re looking for non-wired bras like Sloggi’s, you’ll want them to be as natural as possible. This one doesn’t itch, and it’s invisible to wear under your T-shirt. It also has a hook and eye clasp at the back so you’ll be able to adjust it to your body.

Customers love this classic, but if you need a little more support check out the other models on our list

FAQ about Sloggi Bras

How Do You Measure for a Sloggi Bra? ?

Measure for a Sloggi bra like you would for any bra, under and over the bust, at the fullest point. The measurement under the bust in inches is your band size. For the cup size, subtract the underbust measurement from the bust size. Every one inch of difference is a cup size. One inch is an A, two is a B, and so on.




Which Sloggi Bra Is Best for Daily Wear?

For everyday wear, we think the Sloggi Women’s Basic Non-Wired Everyday Bra is the most comfortable fit. It’s light and easy to wear with everything, and the fabric lets your skin breathe in the summer.

Are Sloggi Knickers True To Size?

Sloggi knickers are often a little tighter than true to size. We recommend opting for a size larger than you’d normally buy in sloggi pants, especially if you feel you might be between sizes.

Does Sloggi make an underwired bra?

No they don’t – Sloggi is all about unfeeling the bra wearing sensation! So wires would get in the way of this idea of wearing a bra that doesn’t feel like you are wearing ANYTHING!  Ifyou want the uplift of underwires in your sloggi bra then you want the Sloggi Women’s Zero Feel Bralette Bustier

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