Buying your first bra is a milestone moment in a teenage girl’s life. There are so many different designs and options on offer these days, it can be difficult to know where to start, and overwhelming making a choice!

It’s not just important for offering that crucial support to growing breasts. Having the right bra will also help your teenager feel more confident at that turbulent time during puberty when they’re a whirl of hormones.

Need a little advice? If you’re in a hurry here are our top picks! 

Guide to Buying the Best Teen Bra

You obviously have to take the preferences of your teenager into account when you’re purchasing a teen bra – particularly when it comes to colours and designs. But there are a few things you should bear in mind. 


A teen bra should fit snugly around the back when fastened on the tightest hook so that it can be loosened as your teen’s bust gets bigger. The most important factor to consider when choosing the right size and fit is that the cup size is relative to the back size.

Cups should completely cover, or ‘cup’ the breast, and should never cut in under the arms. 


It’s best to avoid underwired bras for growing books, as these can cause discomfort and even damage to the tender breast tissue. 

A crop-top style ‘bralette’ is often a good first option. Many teenage girls have some pain and tenderness when their bust is growing, and these offer a comfortable, less structured alternative to a more traditional style of bra. 

There are also a good amount of wireless, non-padded options out there too. If your teen is active and enjoys sports you should definitely look at getting a well-fitting sports bra, particularly for high impact activities. 

Best Teen Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my 5 favourite teen bras in more detail, and see how they compare.



This soft cup bra is designed like a traditional wireless bras, with no hard underwires or edges to hurt baby boobs!

Available in grey or white it features adjustable straps for a secure fit, and is made of a comfortable and machine-washable cotton mix. It has a traditional hook and eye fastening at the rear. 

Most wearres or buyers report that this bra is true to size, of quality construction and very comfortable to wear. However there have been comments that the measurement of the back band comes up small, so this is something to consider if your teen is between sizes here. Alternatively a two-hook bra extender might be a good option!

Best Teen Bra for value for money, first bra, ‘grown up’ looking option!



This bra is more of a crop-top/sports bra style.  It has stretchy cups with removable pads for a seamless, gentle shape, and is a pull-on fit. The bra is available in a range of fresh and funky colours, and comes in a great value six-pack in either plain colours or a pretty polka-dot print.

It’s lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. The straps aren’t adjustable but the polyamide and elastane mixe give a good, secure fit and although not the best choice for more developed girls it’s  a great choice for transitioning to a more traditional bra.

This bra runs a little small, so unless your teen is of a slim build consider sizing up.

Best Teenagers Bra for tweens and younger teens, a transition bra, budding boobs! 



This great value 3-pack from a well known brand is a more traditional looking bra, with soft, stretchy cups, a wide, comfortable back band,  adjustable straps and a front clasp. The pack includes one each of the staple colours of black, white and nude. 

It’s a very pretty and feminine looking bralette, with delicate straps. As well as being adjustable the straps are convertible, turning the bra into a cross-back model – ideal for racer back or sleeveless tops! 

It’s a popular choice for smaller-busted women too, and wearers comment on how comfortable it is, that you forget you have it on! With a 95% cotton and 5% elastane mix it’s durable and machine washable too.

The sizing runs a little small, and the cups too don’t offer full coverage with the deep V and clasp fastening – again this is best for those who aren’t too developed.

Best training bra for smaller busts both women and girls.



This is simply a great starter bra – it’s secure. Comfortable and supportive with a back clasp, wide, adjustable straps and a wireless, stretchy fit. It’s washable and made from a durable cotton blend material.

This bra offers great support for growing teen busts, and is pretty to look at with seaming and a lace trim. This does mean you don’t get the seamless look though, so it may show under thinner tops.

The cups are cut high offering great coverage and support, and run true to size. Wearers comment on the comfort, and parents comment on the great value and the fact that there’s plenty of room for growth.

Best teen bra for growing busts and so girly! offers great support.



This is a soft and simple crop-top style bralette. Coming in a value 4 pack, it isn’t the fanciest, but it does a great job. 

Made from a quality cotton blend, with removable soft pads for gently shape and comfort, the pack can be purchased with four of the same colours (black, white, nude, grey or pink) or a mixed pack.

It’s great as a transition bra, for younger teens or pre-teens who are just starting to ‘bloom’ and not yet at the stage where they need a ‘proper’ bra. It offers the support budding breasts need, while making girls feel confident and secure. 

Parents report their teens find the bra comfortable to wear. The straps aren’t adjustable however, and it does offer limited support for slightly bigger busts and high-impact exercise. This bra also runs a little small.

Best teen bras for tweens and pre-teens, small busts, starter bra.

FAQ about Buying the Best Teen Bra

When does my teen need a bra?

As soon as the ‘breasts buds’ start developing, (small and sometimes very tender bumps below the nipples) is typically when girls start wearing training bras.

Sometimes your teen may want to switch to a more ‘grown up’ type of underwear because some of their friends are beginning to wear bras.   If this is the case a transition bra like a crop-top style bralette is often a good compromise.

What age do girls usually need a bra by?

There’s no right or wrong answer here as it varies from teen to teen! Figures show the average age for a girl to start wearing a bra is age 11.

Some girls need one by age 8, though, and some girls don’t need one until they are 14. Everyone is different!

And for those thinking OMG 14 for a first bra…I was one of those girls, late to develop but now a fabulous 36ee! So there is hope for us all.

How do I measure my teen for a bra?

The same way as you would normally measure for a bra! Teenage bras start from cup AAA and will go to B, C, sometimes D.

Help! My pre-teen needs a bra but won’t wear one!

There can be a number of reasons for this. If your daughter is developing ahead of her friends she may feel self-conscious. Or she may be too embarrassed to be measured for a bra.

Sometimes involving another family member like a friend or auntie they think is ‘cool’ can help, ordering online instead of going to a shop, or going to a bigger shop, supermarket or department store where there’s less pressure.

Help! I’m a teenager and don’t know how to ask my mum for a bra!

It can be really hard to ask, and you might feel worried or embarrassed – that’s ok! One of the best things to say is that you’ve noticed your boobs getting bigger and feel a bit uncomfortable, and you think a bra might help.

Chances are your mum might be waiting for you to ask! Or you could always ask an older female relative or friend who you trust and feel comfortable with. 

Have we picked the best teen bra for you?

Did you pick out the best training bra with our reviews or are there others out there you think we need to recommend.  Let us know in the comments box below (or email therightbra team if you feel shy!).