7 Women's Bra Styles You Need in Your Lingerie Draw

You might be thinking, “Who cares for women’s bra styles these days when all I do is just sit at home – I mean really I dont even have to wear a bra!?” I don’t blame you because going braless might have become a trend these days. This is thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, which has restricted our outdoor movements.

But for many, despite the elated feeling, going braless isn’t an option. While some women need that padded comfort or uplifting touch of lace or satin against their skin, some others simply need it for daily support to stop the back ache or chaffing not wearing a bra has given us.

There is a huge variety of bras out there offering everything from uplift, minimising, plunging and even sleep comfort.  And sure your draws are probably overflowing with bras of all different sorts.   What if I told you there are only 7 Women’s Bra Styles You Need in Your Lingerie Draw – yes just seven best bras to fit every use, outfit and event in your life.  

That could cut down drastically on all those unsuitable bra purchases and make your life a whole lot easier…so check out these seven women’s bra styles that you just can’t do without:

The 7 Women's Bra Styles You Need in Your Lingerie Draw Revealed


Balconette Bra/ Balcony Bra

Do you want your breasts to look rounder and fuller under low necklines? Are you looking for the best bra styles that offer adequate support and coverage to your boobs? Do you want women’s bra styles in your lingerie drawer that go well with most outfits, especially dresses featuring low-cut necklines? With a balconette bra, you can have an affirmative answer to all these questions.

If you need to give your boobs a push up effect without sporting a push up bra, you can trust the balconette bra to do it. Also called a balcony bra, it features underwires and half coverage cups that help create a visible cleavage. Since its straps join at the sides of the cup, unlike other bras where the straps join at the centre, a balcony bra is usually set a little wider.

If you want to glam up your look with a gentle bust lift without the ugly strap show, you must have a balconette bra in your lingerie drawer.  

You can find the perfect balconette bra here with our in depth reviews and recommendations.

Strapless Bra - 7 Must Have Bras

Strapless Bra

If you love wearing shoulder-baring outfits but are tired of your bra straps showing, it’s time to start using strapless bras. As their name suggests, these bras don’t have straps. Instead, they’re held in place by a strong and supportive wired under-band. Since all the support offered by a strapless bra comes from the band, you should choose a wider band with at least three hooks to offer you a good fit and ensure it doesn’t slip off!

Ideally, you should choose a strapless bra with one cup size higher than your regular cup size for a snug fit without any spillage. It’s always better to choose such bras with wiring and moulded cups as they’ll make your breasts appear more shapely and defined.

To step out like a diva, get hold of your perfect strapless bra today from our top picks here.

Plunge Bra - 7 Best Bras to Have

Plunge Bra

If you love wearing low-cut dresses and tops, wearing a plunge bra would let you accentuate and highlight your cleavage without your bra playing a peek-a-boo. With the angled cups of a plunge bra, you can give your breasts adequate support and even show off your sexy cleavage. Unlike the lift given by push up bras, the one given by a plunge bra is subtler and appears more natural.

If you have small breasts, plunge bras can push your breasts together to make them look fuller (making it one of my absolute 7 Women’s Bra Styles You Need).

Among plunge bras, you can opt for padded bras to lift sagging breasts up. For ultimate comfort with deep plunge bras, you could get a few from Wonderbra.

To show off your glamorous silhouette, you can get the best plunge bras on the market from our must have selection.

Freedom Bra/ Invisible Bra

With a freedom bra, you can bid adieu to digging straps, pinching wires, and sagging breasts. Made of medical-grade silicone, a freedom bra boasts of a backless and strapless design to offer your breasts the support they deserve. Thanks to their strong adhesion, you can wear these bras under any outfit without showing back and side bulges. Give you boobs the perfect shape and create cleavage with freedom bras today!

You can buy a freedom bra here with confidence as these are our tried and tested best picks for those invisible bra needs.

T Shirt Bra - 7 bras every women needs

T Shirt Bra

If you eat, drink, sleep, and do almost everything else in your casual tops and t-shirts, you must have a few t-shirt bras in your lingerie drawer.  

 Sporting moulded or padded cups, usually underwired, a t-shirt bra is your ideal choice for wearing underneath tightly-fitted t-shirts, casual attire, or other clingy fabrics. You can even shop for non wired bras to wear under your tees if you need a bra that’s more comfortable and softer on your breasts than its wired counterparts. Several women I interviewed told me they find wireless bras to be one of the most comfortable t-shirts bras they could ever find.  

But why do women love t-shirt bras so much as one of their 7 Women’s Bra Styles You Need? For one, they hold your breasts in their place tight and firm. Thus, they give your silhouette a boost while ensuring adequate coverage for your breasts to make you look beautiful even when sporting the most casual dresses.

You can shop for a t-shirt bra here to feel comfortable and confident, no matter what errand you’re running.

best bandeau bra

Bandeau Bra

Are you tired of your bra straps sliding off your shoulders? Or the pain of dealing with your bra’s hook-and-eye closure when you’re in between sizes? If yes, it’s time to switch over to a bandeau bra. Basically, it’s a piece of stretchy fabric that has a thick band on the bottom and top for better hold. Thus, a bandeau bra is an easy-to-wear slip-on bra with no straps or closures.

When wearing body-hugging outfits, a bandeau bra would be a good choice to ensure no nipple show. For some, bandeau bras may come across as a bit tighter than standard bras as they need to compensate for the lift and support provided by straps by being a little tighter. This lets them maintain stability and avoid bunching up or sliding down.

To start your love affair with bandeau bras, buy one of our top five recommended ones here.

Best Lace bra

Lace Bra

Who said bras need to be boring? You can break the monotony of your standard bras with a sexy lace bra or three as one of your 7 Women’s Bra Styles You Need in Your Lingerie Draw.

A lacey bra is usually made of lace though the amount used could differ. You may have bras that use lace as the base fabric all over. You could even have those that just use lace on the cups or as lace details on the wings, cups, and torso together with a sturdier base material like polyamide, cotton, etc.

Lace bras offer your breasts adequate support while making you feel sexy and attractive with that luxurious touch of lace. You can get lace bras in almost all varieties – push up bras, underwired bras, bralettes, and more.

Indulge the sexy ‘you’ by buying the best lace bra here.  Our recommendations include best lace minimiser bra, lace nursing bras and lace bralettes.

Which of these T Shirt Bra - 7 bras every women needs do you already have in your lingerie draw?

Which ones do you plan to buy soon? Let me know. And don’t forget to share your experience of wearing these bras with me!


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