Best Push Up Bra

The best push up bra is designed with closely fitted wires and comfortable padding to lift your breasts, enhancing your cleavage and your confidence!

This style can perk up your breasts without the need for surgical enhancement, so they’re ideal for women with smaller breasts. Push-up bras are half or demi cups that allow the deep cleavage to show under low necklines, say, in a sexy summer dress.

We’re going to look at the best push-up bras on the market right now. If you can’t wait, here’s the list of our top five:

WingsLove Women's Push up Bra Floral Lace Padded Underwire Bra Demi Plunge...
  • Push up bra with underwire design give you support for lifting up your breast avoiding sagging which show more temperament.
  • Light Padded molded foam cup bra help you to add one cup which make you more sexy and charming with cleavage enhanced.
JoyFox Plunge Bra Deep U Push Up Bra Multiway Convertible Underwear...
  • Material: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex
  • The U speaks for itself...Deep plunge bra that lifts and shapes
frugue Push Up Balcony Sexy Lace Lift Bra Nude 42 B
  • Made in EU. Listed in UK size
  • Balconette-style padded bra with beautiful luxurious passion lace

Why You Should Get a Good Push-Up Bra

Your push-up bra should give your breasts the luxury treatment compared to other cleavage-enhancing methods, such as chicken fillet inserts. Below are the dos and don’ts of a perfect brassiere.

A good push-up bra doesn’t:

  • Have bands that ride up.
  • Require constant adjusting.
  • Require the tightest hook to fit.
  • Have straps that are too loose or too tight.
  • Allow the padding to fly out.
  • Create boob bumps.

What a good push-up bra does:

  • Give you an appealing cleavage.
  • Make your breasts seem more prominent.
  • Fit perfectly whether you’re standing up or leaning over.
  • Provide a much-needed uplift, creating “a natural feel” to the padding.

What to consider when buying the Best Push Up Bra

Before you buy a push-up bra, think about why you want it. What will you be wearing with your push-up bra?

If you want your bra to work with different outfits, look for a push-up bra with simple yet convertible fastening styles, e.g., halter, conventional, criss-cross, etc.

Women with smaller breasts don’t require underwire for support but will benefit more from push-up bras with padding. Padding helps make small boobs seem bigger and increases the amount of visible cleavage they have. Padded push-up bras also tend to be more comfortable and can provide enlargement and lift.

Underwire push-up bras work for women with larger busts to provide support and maintain the size and shape of your natural breasts. For comfort, look for wide and padded straps that are adjustable for the right fit.

Many push-up bras feature both underwire and padding. Padded underwire push-up bras are best for women who want their boobs to look noticeably larger and have a more defined cleavage.

Best Push Up Bra Reviews

Let’s take a look at my five best  push-up bras and see how they compare.

WingsLove Women's Push up Bra Floral Lace Padded Underwire Bra Demi Plunge (Navy Blue 36A)
OVERALL BEST PUSH UP BRA - Sizes: 32–38; A, B, C, D, DD, F cups



Finally, a push-up bra that fits comfortably no matter how long you wear it. This floral lace push-up bra from WingsLove fits flush but not too tight and comes in simple, elegant colours and patterns. The three-quarter no-foam moulded cup gives shape to your breasts in a natural, lifting way.

The bra supports the bust lightly with an underwire, and it features adjustable straps with a hook and eye fastening to ensure a comfortable fit for everyday wear

Spanx Women's Pillow Cup Signature Bra, Suave Desnudo, 90C



This push-up plunge bra is designed to give you a great shape up top and feel comfortable, regardless of the occasion. It features ultra-soft cups and has a back-smoothing design, so you’ll look great from every angle.

With the right amount of lift and a plunging neckline, this bra puts your breasts front and centre but remains hidden under every neckline so you can wear it with all outfits. The scooped ballerina back design will help you keep the adjustable straps in place.

JoyFox Plunge Bra Deep U Push Up Bra Multiway Convertible Underwear Plunging Bra - (Black 34B)
OVERALL BEST PLUNGE PUSH-UP BRA - Sizes: 32–38; A, B, C, D cups.



You can wear this plunging push-up bra in multiple ways, so you always have the perfect undergarment to go with any dress or top, from plain vests and v-necks to party dresses and evening gowns.

The extra-wide centre core, low back bra strap and removable straps transform this bra set into various styles: regular plunge, halter neck, low back, strapless tube and criss-cross.

It features a specialised cushion to give extra lift to your breasts to create an impressive cleavage for special occasions. This is an excellent alternative to a push-up strapless bra or a stick on push-up bra



Proving style and beauty doesn’t always have to be difficult; this push-up bra from Dobreva offers a convenient front closure clasp. This is ideal for women who have a hard time closing their regular bra behind them. The push-up style creates a sexy cleavage for breasts of all sizes, and the unique racerback style makes it work with different types of tops.

The exquisite lace on the front and back adds an elegant, feminine touch to this bra. Finally, the super push-up bra comes in numerous colours, meaning there’s something for everyone.

frugue Push Up Balcony Sexy Lace Lift Bra Nude 42 B
OVERALL BALCONETTE PUSH UP BRA - Sizes: 34–44; B, C, D, DD, E, F cups.



This chic push-up balconette bra creates a fullness on the top half of the breast without the need for thick padding. It has light foam-lined cups, which provide a natural round shape to your bust under tight t-shirts or low-cut tops.

Users say this bra is comfortable and pretty, an ideal choice for a confidence-boosting everyday bra with any outfit. Furthermore, this balconette bra has a soft lace that feels and looks luxurious.


Popular Push-Up Bra Styles

You can find numerous push-up bra types depending on your preferences.

Moulded Push-Up Bras

The moulded push-up bra is the most popular style. It adds the lift of a push-up bra while shaping the breasts into a rounded shape with a full-coverage cup. They are great for wearing beneath T-shirts, jumpers and dresses.

Plunging Push-Up Bras

The plunging bra is perfect for wearing with dresses that have a deep opening between the breasts. The cut of the bra adds lift and support without being visible beneath the plunging neckline.


Balconette Push-Up Bras

Ideal for small, round breasts that can fill out the short cups without falling out, balconette push-up bras have horizontal tops and straps that sit wider apart on your shoulders. A balconette is great below low necklines as it leaves the tops of your breasts uncovered.

Demi Cup Push-Up Bras

These bras cover two-thirds of the breasts rather than three-quarters. Demi push-up bras are often a popular choice for women as the cups rise lower on your breasts and make cleavage more visible. If you want to wear V-necks or low, scoop-neck tops and dresses, buy a demi push-up bra.

Adjustable Cleavage Push-Up Bras

These bras come with unique strings or clips between the cups to allow you to adjust the amount of lift. Since they’re versatile, you can wear them with everything, from casual to professional.

FAQ about Push-Up Bras

What’s the Difference Between a Push-Up Bra and a Regular Bra?

A push-up bra makes your breasts appear bigger than usual. A push-up bra features extra padding in the cups compared to an everyday bra. This, along with the closely fitted wires, provide a lift for your boobs, bringing them into the middle of your chest, resulting in a full and sexy cleavage.

Who Can Wear a Push-Up Bra?

Anyone woman can wear a push-up bra because this style is available in a huge range of sizes. Push-up bras are ideal for women with a smaller cup size who want the effect of a fuller chest.

What Are the Best Push-Up Bra Brands?

The top brands for a perfect fitting push-up bra include:


  • Bravissimo: Catering primarily to large breasts, Bravissimo offers a wide selection of push-up bras in a range of bright colours and fun styles.
  • Wonderbra: The Wonderbra is one of the best-selling push-up bras around the world, and the brand has expanded to all kinds of bras for every woman.
  • Curvy Kate: This brand caters to cup sizes D all the way through to K and has plenty of cleavage-enhancing designs to choose from.
  • Spanx: Much like its shapewear, Spanx focuses on smoothing and creating clean, bulge-free lines underneath your clothes—ideal if you’re looking for a simple, everyday push-up bra.
  • Calvin Klein: What Calvin Klein doesn’t know about wearable lingerie and loungewear isn’t worth knowing; they have bralettes, plunges, triangles and push-up bras on offer.
  • Victoria’s Secret: Popularly known for bedroom styles, the extensive range at Victoria’s Secret also contains plunging push-up bras and soft wire-free types.

Can I Wear a Push-up Bra Daily?

You can wear a push-up bra daily, as it’s just like wearing a regular bra with extra padding. As long as you feel good and the bra is comfortable, a push-up bra is the perfect go-to bra.

Why Wear a Push-Up Bra?

Women have different bust sizes and shapes, but not everyone is gifted with full-figured breasts. That’s where push-up bras come in to boost your confidence and give you the impressive cleavage you desire. The bra will lift your breasts upward to the centre of the chest, so your bust will appear fuller.

Studies reveal that wearing a push-up bra increases a woman’s chance of smiling (a marker of confidence) by 73%. Breaking eye contact decreased by over 40%, and self-comforting actions decreased by over 60%. In short, women with small breasts are more confident when they wear a push-up bra.

Push-up bras generally provide more support, security and comfort than traditional bras. They offer added lining and padding that help breasts of any size feel more supported and secure throughout the day.